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(( Bracelets )) Double Chain Knot bracelet

Table of contents
1. Introduction
2. String
3. Knots
4. Step by Step
    4.1. Step 1
    4.2. Step 2
    4.3. Step 3
5. Video
6. Alternative written tutorial
7. Materials and Set Up
    7.1. Example
8. Step by Step
    8.1. Step 1
    8.2. Step 2
    8.3. Step 3
9. Another tutorial by soccergeek75
10. Another version by music127
11. Step by Step
    11.1. Step 1
    11.2. Step 2
    11.3. Step 3
    11.4. Step 4


This bracelet is a really simple one.


The bracelet requires only two strings, at least 30 inches long. You can also use several strings as one string to make this bracelet thicker (see the video at the end of the tutorial). In this tutorial, the two strings will be denoted A and B. Make an overhand knot to tie the strings A and B together.


The knots used are forward knots and backward knots, which you all probably know how to make from the normal friendship bracelets.

Step by Step

Step 1

Put the strings in front of you so you have string A to the left and string B to the right. Make a half forward knot (one loop) on string B. Do not let the strings change place! That means, the order of the strings will still be A, B after you are done with the knot.

Step 2

Do the same as in step 1 but mirrored. That is, use string B to the right and make half a backward knot (one loop) around string A. Do not let the strings change place afterwards.

Step 3

Repeat until the bracelet is long enough.


This video shows you how to make a double chain knot bracelet.

Alternative written tutorial

Materials and Set Up

2 colors, 3 strings of each color. Each string should be about 25-35in.



A=pink B=brown

Step by Step

Step 1

Take the whole Group A (pink) and make one (half) of a Forward Knot onto the whole Group B (brown.)

Step 2

Now, Take the whole Group B (brown) and make one (half) of a Backward Knot onto the whole Group A (pink.)

Step 3

Repeat Steps 1-2 until you have made your bracelet to your desired length.

Another tutorial by soccergeek75

To get started, you simply take two strings, each different colors. You will make these strings around the legnth of you arm. Tie these two strings together at the top, and attach to a clip board, or a piece of tape. To get started, you separate the two strings, and then you take the string on the left and yo make a forward knot over the string on the right. Then, after you do that, you make a backwards knot with the string on the right, onto the string on the left. Continue this process starting again with the string on the left.

To make this same bracelet thicker, you add more strings of the same color, to each color.

Another version by music127

Step by Step

Step 1

Pick two colors ( ex: Blue and Pink) about twice your arm's length. Cut two pieces of each color then fold them in half.(You should have four strings of each color now)

Step 2

Separate all eight strings by color ( blue on the left and pink on the right).

Step 3

Grab ALL the strings together so that all four pink strings are in one hand and all four blue strings are in the other.Take all four strings (which ever color is on the left) and do one forward knot with the four strings around all four strings that are in your right hand. After you do one forward knot with the left strings do one backwards knot with the all four strings in your right around the four strings in your right hand.

Step 4

Repeat step 3 until your bracelet is long enough.


The original author of this tutorial is sKullcHocolate, but it has also been edited by Stefan, Foz, friendship12396, Jeckle, Matina and Alicat. The tutorial was last updated 6 years ago.

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