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(( Patterns )) How to tie #36940 - bordered chevron

This tutorial is dedicated to pattern #36940.

Table of contents
1. Beginning Notes
2. Steps
3. Video

Beginning Notes

You should know how to make the chevron before you attempt this bracelet.

Difficulty: Very Easy
Materials: 5 strings approximately 70 inches long. This length can vary depending on your wrist size. You will need two strings of each colour for the chevron itself and one string for the border.


Step 1:
Begin by making a loop to fold the strings in half. You can use which method you are more comfortable with at this point (simple loop, buckle etc.)

You string order should be as follows:
| A | B | C | B | C | C | B | C | B | A |

Step 2:
Take the string that is farthest to the right and left(String A). That will be your border color. Tie the A string on the right onto the B string using a backward-forward knot. A should return to it's original position.

Step 3:
Reverse step two using the A string on the left hand side. This time you will use a forward-backward knot

Step 4:
Using the B string on the right, use backward knots to form a chevron over string C, B & C. Take the B string on the left and repeat the process using forward knots over strings C, B & C. Tie the two B strings that are now in the center with a forward knot

Step 5:
Repeat steps 2 - 4 until you reach the desired length



The original author of this tutorial is tazemaster, but it has also been edited by Foz, RockePloeger, Huntress, Sareana, Ducttape10, gracebri, k_marie and flopy. The tutorial was last updated 5 years ago.

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