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(( How to... )) Create a Tutorial

Table of contents
1. Create Tutorial
2. Edit Tutorial
3. Upload Images
4. Upload Videos
    4.1. Option 1
    4.2. Option 2
5. Saving and Publishing
6. Webmaster/moderators

Create Tutorial

First of all you log in, then go to the Tutorials page. Click on "Create tutorial".

Edit Tutorial

Now you go into view/edit mode. On top, you see your tutorial. Below, you see the code for it, and you can write ordinary text or BBcode there. You can add existing images and youtube videos to your tutorial. Check the BBCode page for information on how to do that.

Upload Images

Upload images to your tutorial on the same page, below the Edit Tutorial field. Choose your file and press Upload Image. Your image file must be of format JPG and smaller than a certain limit (check yourself). If the image is OK then it will land in a folder belonging to your tutorial. It will also be renamed to a number. You can see all your uploaded images just above the image uploader. Put them into your tutorial using BBCode. There is also a limit for how many images you can upload, check yourself for fresh info.

Upload Videos

There are two ways to link a video to the tutorial.

Option 1

Simply link the video address by using the BBCode.

Option 2

Our site links to youtube easily by using the BBCode.

Saving and Publishing

When you are done with editing, click Save and your tutorial is saved.


Moderators have to check the tutorial!

There are a few rules for tutorials:


A tutorial...

-must contain instructions on how to make crafting related to friendship bracelets or it needs to be related to the site.
-needs to be written in proper english.
-must not contain objectionable material.
-must not be used as a public image dump.
-must not be like a gallery of personal photos.
-is in the wiki format, built by EVERYONE on the site (everyone can edit it). Therefore, a tutorial should not be formulated as made by one user only.
-should have a short but describing title, containing relevant keywords. It may not contain usernames, excessive/strange characters or begin with a special characters just to get higher up in the tutorial list.
-Should be unique. If there are two similar tutorials, they should be merged.

Hope this makes sense to you.



The original author of this tutorial is Stefan, but it has also been edited by Foz, Sareana, k_marie, Kestrel, Alicat and kleinevos. The tutorial was last updated 4 years ago.

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