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Flash Generator

Written 8 years ago by Stefan.

You might have noticed I have been quite absent some time. I have been working on a Generator in flash. Its base functions will be reusable to make an alpha generator in the same interactive style later. It is going to be awesome, dont worry :)

Pending content

Written 8 years ago by Stefan.

A pending page has been built. It currently views all pending patterns that the logged in user has sent in. It will probably be extended to view videos and other content in the future.

Updated alpha pattern browser

Written 8 years ago by Stefan.

Now, users can filter the alphas by some more parameters.

Cleanup in similarities

Written 8 years ago by Stefan.

Added regular cleanup for similarities. Patterns that are unpublished will be deleted automatically from similarity lists.

Add favs in pattern list

Written 8 years ago by Stefan.

Yes, now you can add them directly from the pattern browser. It is going to flood the database with favs but whatever.

More moderator functionality

Written 8 years ago by Stefan.

Made functions so moderators can delete similarities, and change user info.

Bug search...

Written 8 years ago by Stefan.

Many many bugs has been found the last day, and most of them has been fixed. I think the login cookie bug was the most annoying one but now it is fixed. Thanks all nice users for reporting bugs!

Alpha arrow generator

Written 8 years ago by Stefan.

The arrow generator for alpha patterns will show up on patterns with two colors now. Looks great, but the circle drawing seems to be buggy at some sizes.

Site version 2.0 up and running!

Written 8 years ago by Stefan.

The new site was just uploaded. There are some newly found bugs that are found after the transfer, but nothing fundamentally wrong has happened.


Written 9 years ago by Stefan.

Started to document all functions, scripts and SQL tables with TexInfo. It turns out really nice and it is also easy.