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Updated tutorial.php, search.php

Written 8 years ago by Stefan.

Fixed some small visual bugs. The Table of Content in each tutorial looks great now.

Updated login things

Written 8 years ago by Stefan.

The cookie login was broken, it kept loggin me in again when I logged out. I thought I was deleting the cookies when logging out but in fact I didnt. The solution was to set the cookies to some random value instead of setting it to nothing. Very random but it works. Recently, some people contacted me and said they couldnt login with their username, and that is true, because one should use ones email address. Therefore, I added a notification to the login page saying that the user input wasnt an email address.

First newsletter sent out!

Written 8 years ago by Stefan.

The first newsletter was sent out successfully. There are right now 29 subscribers but hopefully there will be more later.

Small layout updates

Written 8 years ago by Stefan.

Made some small layout updates concerning mostly CSS. Fixed rescaling of photos in the gallery etc. Added small preview of similar patterns on pattern.php.

New layout

Written 8 years ago by Stefan.

Uploaded a new layout that hopefully will make the site faster and better looking.


Written 8 years ago by Stefan.

The CSS restyling is done. Now just some testing. Especially testing in Internet Explorer.

Working on some new CSS...

Written 8 years ago by Stefan.

This site might be considered allow by some users. Therefore I'm working on a new CSS template that will put even more of the page style into a separate file. This file does not have to load every time you press a link, so the total downloaded code will be smaller.

Generator 3 BETA

Written 8 years ago by Stefan.

The next version of the Generator is finally working. At least that is what I think. Go and see it and report me some bugs.

Reports now contains links

Written 8 years ago by Stefan.

This feature is mainly for helping moderators. Each report can now have a link attached to it, so we more simply can follow up reports.

Tutorial result photos

Written 8 years ago by Stefan.

Did you follow a tutorial and want to share your result? Well, now you can! Just click on the Upload Photos link when you are on the tutorial page, and do as you always do when uploading photos.