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Webhost switch

Written 6 years ago by Stefan.

We recently switched to a new host: CityCloud. We hope that they make the site faster and give more uptime.

Version 3.0 soon stable

Written 6 years ago by Stefan.

After many hours of work and testing, it looks like the new version of the server app is getting stable. Integration with the current site will be done this summer. // Stefan

Profiles and Video pages update

Written 7 years ago by Stefan.

Today I cleaned up the code and made the profile pages and videos more secure. I hope that no bug sneaked into the code while doing this. If that turns out to be the case, please report it to me. Thanks! Stefan

Bugfixes and moving towards v3.0

Written 7 years ago by Stefan.

The bug that generated some ugly error codes on the search page should be gone now. Thanks for reporting it guys!

I've also started moving the site code towards a new server-side application. In practice this doesn't mean anything to you but in the end you will get a more consistent, secure and a more bug-free site. Also, in the long run it will become easier to develop stuff for me.

See ya!

New dev blog

Written 7 years ago by Stefan.

The site updates page has been upgraded, and replaced by something that I want to call a development blog. In the future I hope that users can comment on things and that the entries will show up on the front page.

New pending patterns page

Written 7 years ago by Stefan.

The pending patterns page has been updated. It is now a bit more strucured, and can also view rejected patterns (which was requested by some users).

Server optimization

Written 7 years ago by Stefan.

Fiddled a bit with the server configuration options and it seems like it resulted in a faster web server. We will see if I have to tweak some more parameters tonight when the traffic increases.

Server move

Written 7 years ago by Stefan.

The site moved from the web host One.com to Binero.se, but that did not work so well. The server now sits in the living room of the webmaster and it struggles to serve you all. It has got 12Gb of memory and runs on an Intel i5 quadcore processor. That is quite impressive for a server but it's still a bit overloaded.

Rejected alphas can now be accessed by owners

Written 7 years ago by Stefan.

That was a bug and now it is fixed.

Added arrow chart to 2-color alphas

Written 7 years ago by Stefan.

Should work if your browser supports HTML5. To try it out, go to a pattern with 2 colors.