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if anyone knows where to get pokemon,mario bros or any other n...bostonfan1Wish patterns
I have pokemon and mario pattern here : http://img96.imagesha...artemisWish patterns
i was wondering if anyone could design a pokeball pattern for ...cookiethekittyWish patterns
cute idea, i was looking at this forum and if you click at li...artjunkieWish patterns
Can anyone do some pokemon patterns? it might take a long time...JessySihkWish patterns
You could maybe make some into alpha patterns,. particularly i...moushtieWish patterns
Im quite new to all of this =] so im not sure how to do the Al...JessySihkWish patterns
http://www.friendship-bracelets.net/pattern.php?id=1886IolahWish patterns
It's not a pokemon a lapin cretin (in french, i don't know the...artemisWish patterns
None of them are Generated =[ Their great, but i need someone ...JessySihkWish patterns
=] An original dragon out of someones head here? Come on anyon...JessySihkWish patterns
For dragon look here : http://www.friendship-bracelets.net/pat...artemisWish patterns
Hello ! I really want to create my own alpha pattern. I want...artemisDesigning own patterns
I don't know if any of you guys want to do this... but I would...dilutedpantsWish patterns
Alright, my friend loves pokemon and I sortof made a pattern f...vamp120Designing own patterns
there are other pokemon patterns on the site, you can check it...go_blue16Designing own patterns
My friend is obsessed with pokemon, and I looked at the patter...ReesaDesigning own patterns
(without using 4739 strings :P)ReesaDesigning own patterns
Any help would be appreciated!ReesaWish patterns
I will try to do one, when it will be done i will post the lin...artemisWish patterns
THANK YOU SO MUCH!ReesaWish patterns
if someone does the pokemon one, please message me !! i love ...ReesaWish patterns
I can try to make you one, but artemis look's like he/she's go...kallumWish patterns
I'll work on them now :)TokioWish patterns
I'm done with the Pokemon logo, but websense is blocking Photo...TokioWish patterns
Though I know you said you would prefer it not be alpha, they'...TokioWish patterns
yes please :) any help would be greatly apprecitaed :D<33ReesaWish patterns
also, minimal strings would be apprecitated :D thanks!ReesaWish patterns
I have do a marill but it's an alpha, you know making it ?artemisWish patterns
I've a Azumarill pattern, my marill is horrible lol http://...artemisWish patterns
THANKS<3ReesaWish patterns
idk how, but that sounds really awesome. :D --- [color=pur...FriendshipCandyDesigning own patterns
Can anyone make me a togipei??? silverflameWish patterns
Alpha? Are you ok with multiple colors?CarrieWish patterns
I have TONS of string in every color imaginable... But i have ...CrumitieblvdDesigning own patterns
can someone please make a bracelet with baby charmanders(from ...loveablekidWish patterns
Hey everyone. I have these guy friends that are really into po...MinaWish patterns
http://friendshipbracelets.superforums.org/viewtopic.php?f=7&t...artemisWish patterns
Thanks! But, I was really talking about normal patterns. They'...MinaWish patterns
It's usually too hard to make a good image with more than two ...CarrieWish patterns
Yeah, I know, but some people like making hard things. It take...MinaWish patterns
And in 1212 style you will have to use a lot of thread, more t...artemisWish patterns
lostflight2Wish patterns
I make the Gameboy bracelets and like to put Pokemon on the sc...x13supernova13xWish patterns
I make the Gameboy bracelets and like to put Pokemon on the sc...x13supernova13xWish patterns
Which pokemon?CarrieWish patterns
I got a specific request for a Wabafet but other than that I d...x13supernova13xWish patterns
The Wobbuffet is pending, but if you can't wait I saved the im...CarrieWish patterns
Carrie that's amazing. I love you! Thank you so much!x13supernova13xWish patterns
No problem! I've gotten requests for a charmander and an eevee...CarrieWish patterns
You are fantastic. Keep me posted please.x13supernova13xWish patterns
All right my little sister would like to know if you could mak...x13supernova13xWish patterns
I can do both! Keep your eyes out for them though, because aft...CarrieWish patterns
i'm really not part of this convo, but Carrie, u r crazy nice!...iluvmyspudWish patterns
I agree with the little Tigger You're amazing! Thank you so m...x13supernova13xWish patterns
hehe! little tigger! funny...funny!iluvmyspudWish patterns
Ralts: http://www.friendship-bracelets.net/im/agen/normal/258...CarrieWish patterns
And it's no problem, really! ^^,CarrieWish patterns
Thank you so much. My sister loves the Raltz to death. Now the...x13supernova13xWish patterns
Ahaha, let me know other ones to do! I'll be stuck without int...CarrieWish patterns
If you're totally sure She said a Latios/Latias or a Mew an...x13supernova13xWish patterns
List them all! I'll make them as I go. It only takes me about ...CarrieWish patterns
Wow you're amazing. Um... Wow they just stood there and lis...x13supernova13xWish patterns
I was planning on the eevee evolutions, s it's no problem :) I...CarrieWish patterns
Sweet. Okay I'd like to make a specific request though. Is ...x13supernova13xWish patterns
If I can get to the computer soon I will :)CarrieWish patterns
Thank you beautiful, wonderful person! XDx13supernova13xWish patterns
Haha, no problem! The patterns will probably be created on Sun...CarrieWish patterns
Here's Blastoise: http://i55.tinypic.com/16a7880.jpg I uploa...CarrieWish patterns
Thank you ♥x13supernova13xWish patterns
Haii So I need a few things... I need a Alpha Pattern and......evetheskaterWish patterns
Haii So I need a few things... I need a Alpha Pattern and......evetheskaterWish patterns
Haii So I need a few things... I need a Alpha Pattern and......evetheskaterWish patterns
They have Hello Kitty Pokemon and Jack Skellington already.kiraaxchaosWish patterns
Haii So I need a few things... I need a Alpha Pattern and......evetheskaterWish patterns
Haii So I need a few things... I need a Alpha Pattern and......evetheskaterWish patterns
I have a ton of pokemon alpha patterns, look up my page :) The...CarrieWish patterns
Ok so I know some people dont like pokiemon, but I happen to s...HawkeyeWish patterns
I'm pretty bored right now so I guess I could whip you up one!...chickenfreak94Wish patterns
Hey I'll make you a alpha pattern if you request it. Animal / ...chickenfreak94Wish patterns
Pigeon? :DSneaselWish patterns
SCOOBY DOO. AND A MONKEYY :D :D :D kiraaxchaosWish patterns
since snezel commented first, I will do her pattern first!chickenfreak94Wish patterns
That's fine, first come first serve is fair ^_^ but as soon as...kiraaxchaosWish patterns
Will do! it might be a few days before I get them all done. :)chickenfreak94Wish patterns
No problem :D take your time ! Also, do you know how to start ...kiraaxchaosWish patterns
thank youu! :DSneaselWish patterns
Kira, try splitting them into groups of 5 or 6, then knotting ...CarrieWish patterns
I'll try that.. I'm just scared it wont come out straight or i...kiraaxchaosWish patterns
I'm aleady done with the pigeon. it's waiting to be published....chickenfreak94Wish patterns
AH YAY :D let me know when it's up so i can make it !! :DkiraaxchaosWish patterns
I just finished the scooby! I'm still waiting for it to be pub...chickenfreak94Wish patterns
WOO :D Ok! When it's published let me know if you can :DkiraaxchaosWish patterns
I will!chickenfreak94Wish patterns
THANK YOU :D !!!kiraaxchaosWish patterns
I love penguins like no tomorrow, could you make me a sweet pe...Auder256Wish patterns
Or if you have any other idea for animal silhouettes that woul...Auder256Wish patterns
Could someone please make me a alpha pattern for the pokemon D...Auder256Wish patterns
Could someone please make me a alpha pattern for the pokemon D...Auder256Wish patterns
Keychain size? so like..15 or 20-ish strings?SneaselWish patterns
Yeah somewhere in the neighbourhood of 20 wide and 20 long, or...Auder256Wish patterns
I hate it when people go to patterns and say how much they hat...SneaselOther
My boyfriend joined the site today :) He's been watching me ma...CarrieOther
I would love to see a mismagius pattern ^^ (magireve) Can so...artemisWish patterns
i'm working on it right now :] its a thick one though... i 'll...adventure_timeWish patterns
I finished it so just check in a day or so to see if its up :]adventure_timeWish patterns
Thank you so much ^^ I'm impatient to see it !artemisWish patterns
haha your welcome :] it seems like the bodies to small but i h...adventure_timeWish patterns
8O A togepi, snorlax, and lucario would be awesome!! I'm sorry...crazyawesomeWish patterns
Oh, I just looked at the snorlax pattern. Cute! Thanks, you ar...crazyawesomeWish patterns
I'll put them on my list to do!CarrieWish patterns
Um, could you do Shaymin and Manaphy? They are my Fave pokemon!!crazyawesomeWish patterns
Ok thanks Carrie!crazyawesomeWish patterns
Could someone do a color alpha pattern on Glaceon and Vaporeon...crazyawesomeWish patterns
They are my fave pokemon, and it would be great if someone mad...crazyawesomeWish patterns
Actually Just Glaceon Please.crazyawesomeWish patterns
I am trying to make Pokemon for my friends but I'm knew to thi...BarbieDefectTips and tricks
I'm annoyed at myself today, I've been living on pokemon white...AcidOther
Pokemon white?foshisleOther
lol Acid! I've never played pokemon in my life, but I'm no str...FozOther
foshisle: it's the new pokemon game that has been released on ...AcidOther
Yeah I play WoW as well but after weeks of getting up to level...AcidOther
I started playing WoW because of my boyfriend, and I got to le...CarrieOther
depends what you do in the future job wise, you'd be very surp...AcidOther
My best friend wants a Metagross bracelet and I really am terr...dinoloverWish patterns
Hi, my best friend is Pokemon fanatic and I would love to mak...dinoloverWish patterns
A swap is were you trade something with another person, like y...Kaisui_IzumiOther
Lovely Carrie could you make me a Magikarp pretty please?x13supernova13xWish patterns
Can some one please make me an alpha metagross pattern? It is ...dinoloverWish patterns
I would really appreciate it if someone could please make me a...dinoloverWish patterns
Uploaded with NanskeWish patterns
I just wanted to say thats an awesome metagross!!crazyawesomeWish patterns
thank youNanskeWish patterns
can someone make me a patterm of togopi NanskeWish patterns
no one ?NanskeWish patterns
Could someone please make the Pokemon Dragonite?????ShegorulesWish patterns
Hello... I need a alpha pattern for a bracelet of squirtle. I ...superstarDesigning own patterns
I think the smallest you're going to get is this: http://frie...CarrieDesigning own patterns
1. I sell almost exclusively pokemon bracelets. As long as you...CarrieOther
One of my best friends loves ninetails, so I want to make her ...Eevee431Wish patterns
Normal or Alphaawesome_18_18Wish patterns
Doesn't matter.Eevee431Wish patterns
PM me a pic of 9 tails and I will try for a Alphaawesome_18_18Wish patterns
Here's a good picture for you.. http://www.google.com/imgres?q...Wish patterns
Are you talking about the 8bit version?CarrieWish patterns
I am requesting to full body one. Eevee431Wish patterns
My friend loves Pichu and wants me to make them a bracelet. i ...Kitten_luvrWish patterns
Can someone make a black & white plusle one thats wide? PLEASE...ilovedegrassiWish patterns
Wait...does Carrie have that?happybunnyWish patterns
I do not actually.CarrieWish patterns
Carrie what alpha pattern # is it ?ilovedegrassiWish patterns
Can someone make an Emolga pattern thats in the form of Alpha3...ilovedegrassiWish patterns
can any body post some links to any well made pokemon patterns...piggyfan2Designing own patterns
Didn't you like, just have a post about this? Anyways, if you ...ConfessorKahlanDesigning own patterns
yeah i know i posted in the guestbook about this but i dont th...piggyfan2Designing own patterns
Yeah, they usually won't. What pokemon are your favorites?ConfessorKahlanDesigning own patterns
dunno, i dont really care what the patterns are, as long as th...piggyfan2Designing own patterns
Sneasel is a really cute pokemon... just throwing that out the...AutumnRaneOther
How many strings wide would you prefer?SneaselWish patterns
And would you want it horizontal (showing the tail) or vertica...SneaselWish patterns
Like 10-15 & horizontal. Thaaaanks!:DilovedegrassiWish patterns
Please make me a Piplup Pokemon pattern, showing the head, big...happybunnyWish patterns
I really wanna two colour pokemon alphaDonWish patterns
Pattern, or you want to buy a bracelet?ConfessorKahlanWish patterns
pattern please!!! asap maybe 20 mins top if possibleDonWish patterns
Why are you always so last-minute? Anyways, which pokemon do y...ConfessorKahlanWish patterns
any mostly pikacho or geodude and please dont be meanDonWish patterns
why don't you use the search function in the alpha section?FozWish patterns
just may you please make oneDonWish patterns
We are not going to make one if there already is one. It clogs...ConfessorKahlanWish patterns
@Don - please use the search function first before asking abou...RockePloegerWish patterns
May I also add that throwing in a time constraint is rude and ...AcidWish patterns
Im sorry everyone dont take time out of your day for me i unde...DonWish patterns
We're not saying don't ask for help we encourage this, it's th...AcidWish patterns
OK THxDonWish patterns
Could someone please make a pattern kind of like this http://b...ShegorulesWish patterns
Here's a cross-stitch I found (same layout as alphas) http://f...SneaselWish patterns
Thanks :)ShegorulesWish patterns
can anybody design a pokemon alpha pattern for me? it would be...piggyfan2Wish patterns
Would you like it to be set up more like: http://friendship-br...SneaselWish patterns
id prefer if it would be like the first link u posted, not the...piggyfan2Wish patterns
Squirtle? :D http://www.iaza.com/work/111029C/iaza16422169458...SneaselWish patterns
ok thats good but do u think you could make it longer? remembe...piggyfan2Wish patterns
Well that's as big as the picture is :P but i can try panpour...SneaselWish patterns
ok thankspiggyfan2Wish patterns
You can get endless patterns in the site " http://www.ett...michalebieberDesigning own patterns
http://www.iaza.com/work/111031C/iaza16422127638200.png ?SneaselWish patterns
oh! thank you soo much!! :Dpiggyfan2Wish patterns
no probs :DSneaselWish patterns
Can some one please make an alpha pattern like this http://bra...ShegorulesWish patterns
[COLOR=lime]r there any sites with really cool pokemon alpha p...piggyfan2Other
Both of these sites have loads of pokemon patterns, and with B...ConfessorKahlanOther
well my school we are making mobiles and i want to do mine on ...leli0121Other
well my school we are making mobiles and i want to do mine on ...leli0121Other
http://friendship-bracelets.net/alpha_pattern.php?id=14549 ...ConfessorKahlanOther
is there anyway someone could make me an oddish normal pattern...WtfOddishWish patterns
:c bump! i really need that oddish pattern. even a small alpha...WtfOddishWish patterns
Gimme a sec SneaselWish patterns
Okay a few questions, since oddish is a little more difficult ...SneaselWish patterns
Heres what i have so far: http://www.iaza.com/work/111220C/iaz...SneaselWish patterns
solid colored please, and can i have just the outlines black? WtfOddishWish patterns
I'm trying to make a Tracey Sketchit themed set of bracelets. ...TubaPlayerWish patterns
Hi! I'm Talentha. I have a bead loom at home to make beaded br...TalenthaWish patterns
I think you're the same person I saw on DA :) This tutorial sh...CarrieWish patterns
I bet you are! lol. I'm the only one that ever uses this usern...TalenthaWish patterns
It does indeed!CarrieWish patterns
Awesome! Thanks a lot!TalenthaWish patterns
So I know that there are a few patterns on here with vulpix. B...origami_peepWish patterns
I want an awesome houndoom!!!onlywhitewolfWish patterns
for instance say your doing an alpha and it was a pokemon patt...autumnrose123Bracelet making
The pattern is this dragonite one, http://friendship-bracelets...IceyDreamsWish patterns
Also, I like that style of custom alpha patterns like the one ...IceyDreamsWish patterns
Carrie sells her pokemon bracelets and makes the patterns for ...AlicatWish patterns
I didn't mean the exact pattern, I guess one that uses that sa...IceyDreamsWish patterns
Carrie makes her own patterns. Although she doesn't own pokemo...AlicatBracelet making
we have 376 pokemon alpha patterns already. if you'd like anot...FozWish patterns
I would be willing to make a Pokemon alpha for you, as long as...Coolio96Wish patterns
First off, I want to apologize in advance if this topic has al...electronzebraBracelet making
Does anyone know of any easy, beginner pokemon patterns? Or ju...KoinuDesigning own patterns
if you go to the alpha pattern page and search for "pokem...FozDesigning own patterns
you can make onedino2123Designing own patterns
hi I was wondering if some one could make part of this pokemo...Snow99Wish patterns
You might have already tried this but if you search the sight ...TrudyBerry723Wish patterns
thanks I made a pattern for my self!!=)Snow99Wish patterns
You're welcome. Sounds great!TrudyBerry723Wish patterns
Serra: I think they don't do alphas because most alphas are sp...xXRainbowVeinsBracelet making
yes Pitash,it was about the copyright of angry birds,but also ...MariskaOther
I think as long as you mention that you do not own the charact...AlicatOther
maybe you can go around it by saying that you could make these...Co2Other
Well people can make alpha bracelets,normal bracelets,but ther...MariskaOther
I still think whoever reported these items and stores had no r...FozOther
My friend's favorite pokemon is a lillipup and I'd really like...alohmsWish patterns
I have an idea for a bracelet I was thinking about having it b...onlywhitewolfWish patterns
I would love it if someone could make me an alpha pattern of ...origami_peepWish patterns
hey i just submitted a pattern it's pending at the moment i'd ...slaphappy5683Wish patterns
If you could post a link to it when it is done pending that wo...origami_peepWish patterns
I need an alpha pattern of a pichu holding hands with a pi...kornkob95Wish patterns
I made a pattern and then realized that "pichu" wasn...crafty_galWish patterns
thanks for trying. it won't work for what I need but I apprec...kornkob95Wish patterns
thankscrafty_galWish patterns
I don't know how to describe it but I like the alpha patters t...WolfBaneWish patterns
If you want something cute, there are My Little Pony patterns,...KamykWish patterns
About to upload A31414 (the little pokemon thingy) it was a ni...SammoningBracelet making
I am by far a pro at this but I can normally pick up how to do...knottinitupBracelet making
i mean no pro lol whoopsknottinitupBracelet making
We have a tutorial for alphas . The substitution method is th...kleinevosBracelet making
hi i have been trying to learn how to make the fancy bracelets...kat606Bracelet making
It took longer than expected (thank you pokemon go) but I got ...NelipotBracelet making
that would awesome meercatred i'm in love with everything 80s ...Cherry89Bracelet making
I have a hard time imagining what would be considered 80s or 9...kleinevosBracelet making
Pokemon colors doesn't sound like anything to me, since there ...FreigeistBracelet making
That is true @Friegeist there are many pokemon with a variety ...Cherry89Bracelet making
I personally don't know anything about pokemon at all tbh. :/ ...Allison98Bracelet making
So I want to make my boyfriend a keychain with Glaceon , since...AmlugielSamaWish patterns
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