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  • 2013-03-10


Hey all! I thank you for reading this page! So now it's time to write some things about me...

__( .)> Call me samm or sammon :]
\___)~~~I am: Samantha - female - 24 yrs old - from the Netherlands.

~~Since July 2014 I am a moderator on this website. This means you can ask me for help with almost anything :)
Just PM me, and I'll try to respond to you as soon as I can.

~~~APAP supporter! ~~~ stands for: All Patterns a Picture/photo.
I think every pattern deserves a picture, simple as that.
No matter how old,simple,small,weird,big,new,complex,colorful,etc. they are. There's alot of photoless patterns around for every level of knotting experience, so everyone can join me on this quest!
Feel free to copy this text on your profile and spread the word for APAP :)

- Hobbies: knotting!, computering (RuneScape, Sims 2), reading, international mail swapping.
- Favorite color: Purple. Well almost everything. I like the weirdest combinations!
- Animals I like: foxes, penguins, owls, zebras meerkats, etc.
- Fun fact: I collect erasers, fox plushies & rubber duckies.

~Making bracelets since...
About june 2012, when I quit my study I bought a booklet about knotting friendship bracelets.
With this I have made alot of basic repeating pattern-bracelets like candystripe, chevron, zigzag etc. Then I searched the internet and discovered this awesome website.
~It was love on first sight and I like so many of the patterns here <3

~One day I want to...
~Make everything on my fav's list at least once. (I keep it as a to-do list) Even if it will take me years (and it probably will but I dont mind :)
- Knot some very big 40+ patterns [Biggest made so far: 38 strings]
- Figure out how multicolor alphas work [MISSION COMPLETED]
- Be able to generate some nice patterns myself [MISSION COMPLETED]
- Host an international bracelet swap on this site.

~~Milestones & achievements~~
~ Amount of swaps I participated in: 13 ~

-5th entry for the Chain Knotting Game! (#85585)
-1100th photo uploaded! 27 January 2017 (#88601)
-First upload for the Chain Knotting Game! (#75513)
~1000th photo uploaded! 19 March 2016 (#67747)
-900th photo uploaded! 22 Oct. 2015 (#17863)
-800th photo uploaded! 5 July 2015 (#54543)
-750th photo uploaded! 8 March 2015 (#55142)
-600th photo uploaded! 20 Sept. 2014 (#69142)
-100th normal pattern accepted! 14 Aug. 2014 (#82223)
~~ I've become moderator for this site! ~~ July 2014 ~~
-6th weekly contest won! 11 July 2014 (#26450, w95)
-5th weekly contest won! 3 June 2014 (#32458, w90)
-500th photo uploaded! on 19 April 2014 (String types)
-50th normal pattern accepted! on 10 March 2014 (#79041)
-400th photo uploaded! on 20 Feb. 2014 (#1)
-4th weekly contest won! 24 Jan. 2014 (#5175, w77)
-3rd weekly contest won! 15 Nov. 2013 (#42258, w70)
-300th photo uploaded! on 8 Nov. 2013 (#???)
-2nd weekly contest won! 15 Oct. 2013 (#40350, w65)
-200th photo uploaded! on 7 Sept. 2013 (#68226)
-First alpha pattern accepted! Aug. 2013 (A56473)
-First weekly contest won! on 18 July 2013 (#48146, w52)
-First shaped bracelet knotted! on 11 July 2013
-First normal pattern accepted! in May 2013 (#70023)
-1st mutlicolored alpha knotted! on 3 May 2013 (A1166)
-1st entry to a weekly contest! on 5 April 2013 (#6580, w38)
-1st alpha knotted! in April 2013 (A512)
-1st photo uploaded! on 31 March 2013 (#62396)