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Hello people out there,
I'm Nimue and - as some of you know - I used to be very busy in here. Because of my new job I can't find enough time to create new tutorials and answer all your questions. I'm very sorry for this, but I try my best to at least answer some of your questions and knot at least the one or the other new piece...

http://www.knuepfwerkstatt.de.vu or http://freundschaftsbaender.valdkynd.de (name site, different URL)
For the ones among you that can speak German, there's this little website of mine where I show all that I've created so far, a lot of tutorials, patterns and so on. thematt711 and his wife KoffeeKat (two great people, you can find here, too!) are currently working on an English translation of my website, that will be available for you as soon as possible. Well, as it is a huge site, this takes a lot of time.

For those who can't wait there's this little deviantArt account of mine. You need to have an account yourself and log in to take a look at my works, but well, here it is: http://nimuae.deviantart.com
We've got also a knotters group there you maybe would like to check out: http://bracelets-and-knots.deviantart.com

Okay, thank you for reading! :)
Stay creative