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  • 2009-10-21


Lets see, guess I should dish out some generic information lol:
Age: 31
Gender: Female
Likes: Friendship Bracelets (duh XD), Anime, Manga, Reading, Art, and many other activities
Dislikes: Lets not touch this, no use offending anyone =D

I'm pretty easy going, easy to get along with too, though I hold a high standard of myself and those around me. I'm pretty strict when it comes to my morals and how I want them to dictate my life, using them as a compass to steer myself where I want to be. I make these Bracelets as an enjoyable past time to give to friends and family, sometimes as Christmas gifts. I haven't made much but please, browse my photos, and leave me a comment, I really enjoy feedback (good or not) it'll help me improve!
You can also send a message I'm not always going to reply right away but trust me, I will reply as quickly as I can =)

Have a nice day!