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  • 2016-12-18


Hello, pleased to meet you. My name is Jessie_Gain.

Okay, I'll tell you about myself :)
My real name is Anastasia, or Asya. I'm twenty-one. I'm from Russia. I speak English a little and I'm so sorry for my bad English :)
I'm not an ordinary person, because I don't care about the interests of modern youth. I don't watch TV. I don't like swag and anime/ I don't smoke and I can't stand sharp smells. A little hippie, pacifist. Christian. Introvert. Perfectionist. I adore flowers and plants, especially roses and cacti. I love space. Tea lover.

I very like to make friendship bracelets and do it since 2010. I prefer alpha patterns, I find it easier to make them. Most of my bracelets are dedicated to my favorite music artists.
I can say that music is my life, because I listen to it 24/7 (Oh, my poor neighbors XD). I prefer to listen to little-known artists from Eastern Europe (from Estonia, Latvia, Bulgaria, Hungary...). My favorite genres are post-punk, synthpop, new wave, shoegaze, rock n roll, thrash metal, blues rock, jazz rock, ambient. In my playlist there are records of 1976 and 2016, electronic and live music, ambient and thrash metal, Czechoslovak rap and Latvian folk.
But I don't listen to everything, I don't like Russian rock, classical music, modern music, especially rap and pop (except for some performers).
My favorite colors are light blue, burgundy, lilac.
I really like to draw with pencil and watercolor.
Also I very like walking, reading books, sew, dreaming.

I almost forgot: my account on "Braceletbook" - http://www.braceletbook.com/user/funnybunny.html I do not know why I created it, but there are also a few patterns that I make :)

Profile in Pinterest - https://ru.pinterest.com/Jessie_Gain/ Here, too, there are patterns that I create :)

My fake page in VK: - https://vk.com/stekloglazka_ldynnaya (In case you need to ask me something)

If you have any questions for me, ask me, do not be shy. I don't bite :)

Peace for everyone <3