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  • 2016-12-18


Hello, people! I'm back!

What to tell you about me? My real name is Anastasia, I'm 21. I'm from Russia. I understand English well and can speak it. I also understand Latvian, but I don't speak it. And of course, I speak Russian :)
I'm not an ordinary person. I don't watch TV. I don't smoke and I can't stand sharp smells. Pacifist. Vegan. Christian. Introvert. Perfectionist.

I very like to make friendship bracelets and do it since 2010. I prefer alpha patterns, I find it easier to do them. Most of my bracelets are dedicated to my favorite music artists.

I can say that music is my life, because I listen to it 24/7. I prefer to listen to little-known artists from Eastern Europe (from Estonia, Latvia, Bulgaria, Hungary).
My fav rock band? Piramis. My fav singers? Gyula Vikidal, Lana Del Rey, Ieva Akuratere .
Also I like The Cure, chapterhouse, Slayer, Testament, The sisters of mercy, a-ha, Modern Talking, Dio, Black Sabbath, P.Mobil, Deak Bill Gyula, Edda muvek, Bikini, Omega, V' Moto - rock, Istvan Lerch, Barbaro (hun), Perkons, Jumprava, betbet, Jauns Meness, Lauris Reiniks, Ultima Thule (eesti), Tonis Magi, J.M.K.E., Marina Diamandis, Foje, Andrius Mamontovas, Omen (hun), Ahat, Milena, etc

People often ask me how I can listen to music in foreign languages. I will answer: sometimes words aren't important. Beautiful music, pleasant voice of the performer - that's all I need. And for words unknown to me, there is a Google translator :)

My favorite colors are light blue, burgundy, lilac.
I really like to draw with pencil and watercolor.
Also I very like walking, reading books, sew, dreaming.
My fav actress is Audrey Hepburn. My favorite films are Hukkunud Alpinisti Hotell, Wait until dark, Roman Holiday.
I love the books of Agatha Christie. I also like movies and TV series based on her books.
Rabbits and hares are my addiction! But I don't like cats and owls.

My account on "Braceletbook" - http://www.braceletbook.com/user/funnybunny.html I don't know why I created it, but there are also a few patterns that I make :)

If you have any questions for me, ask me, do not be shy.

Happy knotting and peace for everyone <3