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  • 2015-03-12


Hello, knotter!!!

My name's Gaby. I'm from Mexico, I'm 22 years old and I'm a Christian!
I love nature, music, languages (I speak Spanish, English and French and I just started learning Italian), travelling and, of course, this awesome site and knotting bracelets! My dream is to speak at least 5 different languages fluently, to travel all around America and to knot 1000 bracelets!

I currently work on this website as a moderator; if you need a hand or got any questions, feel free to message us! We will be happy to help you out :)

I have an Etsy shop called Q'enqo Bracelets where I sell my bracelets:


***I'm an APAP supporter! Which stands for: All Patterns a Picture.***

Every pattern deserves a picture! It doesn't matter their age, difficulty, size, style or amount of colors!. There are lots of photoless patterns around for every level of knotting. If you're an APAP supporter, don't hesitate to paste this on your profile!

An easy an super fun way to be an APAP supporter is playing The Chain Knotting Game! You can check it out here:


You should give it a try! It's fun and gives a lot of inspiration.

Happy knotting! :D