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So, you want to become a moderator?

Before continuing, please read the Moderator responsibility list on the admins page first.

All users applying to become Moderators will be discussed by webmasters and the current Moderators. If we think that we need more moderators and that you will do well, then congratulations!

When we discuss, we look at the following things. You might want to improve these things before applying.

  • Your matureness and attitude as well as helpfulness among other users on the site.
  • Your language (no "net/chat speak" please).
  • Your visits on the site (should be regular and frequent, 3 to 5 times a week)
  • Your strong grasp of all types of bracelets and can explain them to users who have trouble with them.
  • Your collection of patterns of all the different types of bracelets.
  • Your collection of bracelets that you have made (we look at photos).

New Moderators will be added when the current moderator staff can not handle the influx of new users and their patterns and photos. So as the site grows larger, new Moderators will be asked to join.

If you wish to become a Moderator you must be able to prove the requirements above via your profile and all previous behavior on the forum. You also have to be accepted by a majority of all the current Moderators.

Just because you meet all the requirements does not mean you will be asked to join. If you beg you will defiantly not be asked to join.

Please fill out all the Application information listed below to the best of your ability. You can answer these questions with short or long answers, it's your choice. However any information you can give us about yourself ,and your experience, and ability's will help us with our decision.

Sorry, you have to be logged in to apply.