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A collection of links to other sites related to friendship bracelets.

- Broken link?

Memory and friendship bracelets...

A Facebook page: Embraceable - Broken link?

A site to show all my work, take orders and keep those updated on what I'm doing

A very sassy everything shop - Broken link?

Etsy shop of bracelets, crafts, and supplies.

Acid's Etsy Store - Broken link?

Acid's bracelets for sale on Etsy

Alicats Creations - Broken link?

Alicat's Etsy Shop

AlicatsCreations-Tumblr Blog - Broken link?

Alicat's Creations bracelet blog on tumblr

Aly's Etsy Shop :) - Broken link?

Custom bracelets on Etsy!

Amitie Blog - Broken link?

bracelet tumblr

Andreas world - Broken link?

A site with lots of different stuff, friendship bracelets for example

Angi bracelet page - Broken link?

firendship-bracelets on facebook

Arismende's Etsy Store - Broken link?


Artesanias Siglo XXI - RAD & DEG - Broken link?

Mis pulseras

artistshelpingchildren.org - How to make friendship bracelets - Broken link?

Lots of instructions on how to make bracelets.

Arts, Farts, and Crafts Bracelet Shop - Broken link?

Riviera and Polarpony's bracelet store. We hand make all our bracelets and are more than willing to do custom orders. New bracelets are added regularly.

Aumkaara Collections - Broken link?

Online Jewellery and Gift Store | Buy Friendship Band or Bracelet | Religious Jewellery | Buy Lucky Charms Online | Diamond Jewellery

Beadskinz - Broken link?

Friendship bracelets, loom band bracelets, beaded jewelry and boxes.

Belbi-joo - Broken link?

Jewelry handmade .. in the region of canada

Beyond Bracelets - YouTube - Broken link?

The user Beyond Bracelets will help you a lot and will show you some techniques!!

Bilbrey's Baubles - Broken link?

I offer friendship bracelets, beaded jewelry, and custom pieces. I love taking requests too! And everything is handmade by me!

Bracelets blog - Broken link?

Friendship bracelets on a Hungarian language

Bracelets By Jen on Storenvy - Broken link?

My Storenvy shop where I sell handmade friendship bracelets.

Bracelets d'Helene (French) - Broken link?

French tutorials to make friendship bracelets and other creations related with friendship bracelets

Bracelets from Newfoundland - Broken link?

This is my blog about friendship bracelets. I do tutorials on bracelets and post pics and things like that.

Bracelets Prishtina - Broken link?

Bracelets hand made

Bubblegum's Popping Shop - Broken link?

Facebook page of TBSNBubblegum.

Campfire Knots Etsy Store - Broken link?

Buy beautiful, creative, and colorful friendship bracelets online!

Carrie's Etsy Shop - Broken link?

Carrie Bea's Accessories, where you can custom order any pattern to be made into a bracelet.

Carries-CMDesigns - Broken link?

Handmade Beaded Jewelry and much more

Charmed_1/C Ann Mc Etsy Shop - Broken link?

Handmade items.....

CoilsbyCady Etsy Shop - Broken link?

Etsy shop that specializes in handmade friendship bracelets.

Crafty Tips Arts & Crafts Directory - Broken link?

Where crafters share their favorite websites and crafting tips!

CraftyGirl101802 - Broken link?

My YouTube channel

crea bracelets - Broken link?

friendship bracelets

creaciones Kokoro - Broken link?

venta de macramé

Custom Braceletes - Broken link?

We made custom bracelets

Custom Bracelets - Handmade Creations by Melina-Luna - Broken link?

A nice online store where you can buy all kinds of friendship bracelets for affordable prices.

Custom order Friendship bracelets - Broken link?

You can order name bracelets and many of the patterns you see on this site in any color you would like.

Czech website about friendship bracelets - Broken link?

Czech website abou friendship bracelets , patterns, photos ...

Da'arkphyre Designs - Broken link?

Unique handmade jewelry. I take custom requests.

Dasia.pl - Broken link?

Polish site about friendship bracelets with very detailed instructions how to tie many different patterns.

Die Kn?pfwerkstatt (german) - Broken link?

Nimue's Website about knotting...

DIY beaded bracelet - Broken link?

quick and easy bracelets with beads

DIY Bracelets - Broken link?

Lots of tutorials for all kind of bracelets

dlorinb: Friendship Bracelets--Spike up your life. - Broken link?

Spiked Friendship Bracelets with Jewelry ends.

DLTK's Crafts for Kids - Broken link?

How to make a basic friendship bracelet.

Dorkification - Broken link?

neese80's shop of handcrafted items - including bracelets and other knotted items, graphic design prints from Ellwood Designs, and handmade candles will be added soon.

Duct Tape Wallets - Broken link?

My Storenvy shop where I sell my handmade duct tape wallets and other crafts.

duygu and sanane - Broken link?

türkiye blogu

ElissaNicole's Storenvy store: Visit my store! ♥ - Broken link?

All the money from my store goes to my dad.

embroideryfloss Etsy store - Broken link?

Buy hand knotted friendship bracelets from this Etsy shop.

emnons bra - Broken link?

bracelet I made

Erich's Place - Broken link?

Many patterns and inspiration. Photos of his work.

EsthersApparel etsy shop - Broken link?

we sell bracelets we handmake, we'd love it if you take a minute to stop and take a look at our shop. We sell friendships bracelets and more

EsthersApparel facebook page - Broken link?

this is our facebook page for our etsy shop

facebookpage of Mariska - Broken link?

facebookpage of my friendship bracelets

FBCalc - Broken link?

Create your own bracelet and program calculates length of strings you need!

fene4ki.ru - Broken link?

One of the most popular friendship bracelet site in Russia.

Foz's etsy store - Broken link?

A place of bracelets and rainbows. Come and shop, fellow braceleteers :-)

Fred's bracelets - Broken link?


Free patterns online - Broken link?

This site gives lots of fancy alpha patterns, if you know how to make Alpha bracelets, this will be awesome for you!

freundschaftsbaender.at - Broken link?

A collection of friendship bracelets. Free patterns!

FriendlyBracelets.com - Broken link?

A site where one can buy customized friendship bracelets.

Friends'n'me Etsy Shop - Broken link?

Handmade bracelets and custom made bracelets are available here!

Friendship Bracelet 320 website - Broken link?

anyone interested in a cool friendship bracelet sight? this sight has lots of cool pictures and patterns that are easy to access!!

Friendship bracelet Etsy shop - Broken link?

Order your DIY kit of any Friendship Bracelet or Beaded bracelet, Yarn and bead or ask me to knit it for you.

Friendship Bracelet hoda - Broken link?

Friendship Bracelet Sale

Friendship Bracelet Ideas - Broken link?

Pictures of all my bracelets, plus tutorials, vote for your favorite bracelet!

Friendship Bracelet originated in Arabia sailors, made ??of solid rope. The early friendship bracelet is not just used for a symbol of friendship but for the sailors on board to conveniently securing a fixed position. - Broken link?

Wholesale Friendship Bracelets

Friendship Bracelet Wallet - Broken link?

ShellBell's Etsy Site

Friendship bracelet with beads - Broken link?

Christmas bracelet with beads for the New Year!

Friendship Bracelets - Broken link?

A site in English, Polish and German with LOTS of great patterns.

Friendship Bracelets - Broken link?

A blog with great photos of friendship bracelets.

Friendship Bracelets - Broken link?

Pls visit this blog. It's mine. Info is on it.

Friendship bracelets - Broken link?

My facebook page with handmade friendship bracelets :)

Friendship Bracelets and more for sale - Broken link?

At this place I sell my creations.

Friendship Knots - Broken link?

A website with drawn tutorials with easy instructions and different information to help you make awesome friendship bracelets.

Frienndship - Bracelets - Poland - Broken link?

Bransoletki Przyja?ni

Fusion Knots by JD - Broken link?

This site shows tons of different knot patterns for bracelet making. JD uses paracord, but these can definitely be applied to whatever your string preference is. He has YouTube tutorials for every bracelet also. They are slowed down and very easy to follow. The patterns on his site are fun, and will make a bracelet a LOT faster.

Gerbilsrawesome's Store - Broken link?

Profits from selling my handmade bracelets will go to help fund my mission trip this summer. :)

Geyn's storenvy - Broken link?

Freshly opened store with friendship bracelets, for now only a few products.

Gloria's Bracelet Page - Broken link?

Photos of bracelets and a how-to-guide.

Gorgeous Bracelets and jewelry - Broken link?

Fun, Loving couple hoping to raise money to buy more string

HandMade Crafts - Broken link?

Make and Selling Bracelets and Etc

Handmade Jewelery. Macrame Jewelery - Broken link?

Handmade jewelery with a touch of Egyptian inspiration. Including macrame bracelet and friendship bracelets

How to Make 2 color Survival Bracelets - Broken link?

HomeMade Gifts.. Made Easy

How to Make Cute Friendship Bracelets - Broken link?

Cool Macrame Bracelets with letters and initials.

How to make things - Broken link?

This wedsite shows you a lot about how to make things

How-to-make-jewelry.com - Broken link?

How to make a zig-zag friendship bracelet.

Hungarian Friendship Bracelet site - Broken link?

Well, the title sais it all.

i-am-fond-of-owls blog - Broken link?

Fond_Of_Owls's personal bracelet Tumblr blog...

Inanna81 - Broken link?

Finnish blog about tying friendship bracelets and other handcraft. Nice patterns and very instructive.

Infinity Knots - Broken link?

Hand crafted friendship bracelets at an affordable price!

Isabel's Etsy Shop - Broken link?

A place to find beautiful bracelets for a low price!

janlynn.com - Broken link?

All material you need for your friendship bracelets. You can also buy stuff related to needlecraft and beading for example.

Jbrans - Broken link?

friendship bracelets

Jenn's Goodies - Broken link?

My Storenvy shop where I sell friendship bracelets & more.

Jeremiahs friendship bracelets - Broken link?

Pictures and tutoruials

Jesska's bracelets and things - Broken link?

This blog has many pictures of bracelets, ceramics, drawings and more. And you can ask questions about anything from instructions to whatever!

KalisteBracelets' shop - Broken link?

Karxalc's etsy shop, come take a look, I love doing custom orders! :)

KandiPatterns.com - Broken link?

Patterns on pony bead bracelets. Can inspire to make good friendship bracelet patterns also.

KathyHeavenly's store on storenvy - Broken link?

HeavenlyKnot... Bracelets like made in heaven~

Keeps Me Sane Bracelet Shop - Broken link?

Friendship Bracelet Etsy Shop

KeltynandSarah's Etsy shop - Broken link?

We sell bracelets, art, other jewelry and we offer discounts when you buy 2 or more items. Thank you for visiting! <3

KleinevosCrafts - Broken link?

Crafts made by kleinevos

KloCreations' Etsy Shop - Broken link?

Quality handmade friendship bracelets in a variety of patterns and colours - custom bracelets available.

Knack for Knots - Broken link?

I sell friendship bracelets on storenvy! :D

Knot Cool - Broken link?

A good site for directions on some basic bracelets including letters, numbers, etc with pictures.

Knot Crazy - Broken link?

Just the right place to buy custom friendship bracelets!!!!!

Knot Heads World Wide - Broken link?

A community website dedicated to the art & craft of knot tying and leather braiding.

Knot it Up Bracelets by LaRyN - Broken link?

Makes bracelets for you - custom orders!

Knot So Much - Broken link?

Socair's Facebook stuff :)

KnotCrazy on Etsy -- liz010's Etsy shop - Broken link?

liz010's Etsy shop!!! :) Friendship bracelets and MORE is whats in STORE!!! :)

Knotted Obsession - Broken link?

This site, etsy, is an online market place where crafters sell their wares. I sell my friendship bracelets, varying in size, color and patter. Please feel free to contact me if you have qestions :)

KnottedWorld Etsy shop - Broken link?

Handmade jewels made with knotted cotton strings and beads

Knuepfwerkstatt at Facebook - Broken link?

Facebook Site by Nimue, Friendship Bracelets & Macramé

KQ Craft - Broken link?

A place you can find different kinds of craft.

L!ve 4 bracelets - Broken link?

Here u can see all of my projects, my bracelets and my prices! You can always buy by posting a message! :*

La Puce Créative - Broken link?

you can buy friendships bracelets, key rings and lots more to come!!!

Leora's Etsy Shop - Broken link?

selling friendship bracelets for reasonable prices

Little Bracelets Store - Broken link?

This site contains the bracelets I would sell.

Little Wolf's Friendship Bracelets - Broken link?

Little Wolf's friendship bracelet shop on Etsy.

lostflight2's Etsy Shop - Broken link?

Come buy my bracelets! I also accept custom orders :)

Lots-of-Knots - Broken link?

Basic site for anyone to use to let others see their own work, and for help

macrame - Broken link?

taringueros del macrame

Macramè Blog - Broken link?

Blog with tutorials macramé to exchange ideas, information and news.

Macrame School - Broken link?

Macrame School - Macrame video trainings

Macrame School in Facebook - Broken link?

Macrame School - Macrame Training on Facebook

MadeFromDuck - Broken link?

My Etsy shop where I sell my handmade duct tape wallets.

MagicKnot - Broken link?

Bracelets - for sale!!!!!

Making Friends - Broken link?

A Great site with lots of fun crafts. Not only friendship bracelets, but beaded crafts and fun stuff for children.

ManiJJManillas Colombia - Broken link?

Un lugar donde podrás encontrar bellos ejemplares

Marina Ulmer's friendship bracelets - Broken link?

Order professionally made pattern-instructions from an incredible german woman called Marina. None of her patterns can be found here because of copyright protection. I really recommend you take a look at her patterns!

mariska's dutch friendship bracelet shop on etsy. - Broken link?

I sell my bracelets on etsy.I also do custom orders and name bracelets for children for their brithday party

McCrea Bracelets - Broken link?

itsmccrea site where I will start selling bracelets and taking request

megansbracelets.webs.com - Broken link?

A website that i made that is all about friendship bracelets!

Metallic Threads - Broken link?

The Ultimate Friendship Bracelet Purchase.

Michelle's Bracelets - Broken link?

On top of my Facebook page

Micro Macrame Jewelry - Broken link?

A selection of handmade beaded friendship bracelets

Misti's Etsy Shop - Broken link?

Dots, Knots, and More Buy Friendship Bracelets

My Etsy shop TaylorsMadeIt - Broken link?

I sell friendship bracelets! :)

My friendship bracelet page - Broken link?

This is my website just made. There are friendship bracelet tutorials.

My Store - Broken link?

Here is a link with all of my bracelets and other items made with embroidery floss.

MyFBM - Broken link?

Frienship Bracelet Maker with some video/ pdf format printable pattern.

Náramky priate?stva - Broken link?

fb-page about friendship bracelets and everything like that.

Náramky pøátelství - Broken link?

Czech site about friendship bracelets including a gallery and easy instructions.

Naramky.info - Broken link?

Naramky.info is a website about friendship bracelets which is run and write by Helena Tesa?ov? from Czech Republic. This website was found at 2005 and was originally hosted at address naramky.wz.cz

Naramkypratelstvi.cz - Broken link?

A site with lots of pictures and stuff related to friendship bracelets.

nbeads - Broken link?

it is a good place to purchase cheap jewelries and learn how to make jewelry

neese80's Etsy shop - Broken link?

Specializing in custom orders and geek related items.

NickyDeLysYoutubePage - Broken link?

My youtube page where I post Friendship Bracelet Tutorials

NothingButABreeze Etsy Store - Broken link?

An etsy shop that sells handmade friendship bracelets. Custom bracelet requests are welcome!

OMFG Friendship Bracelets - Broken link?

Share your designs shop links and find inspiration. 800+ followers

Online Store! - Broken link?

Please visit & give opinions. 50% of the money go to helping my family with our financial problems!

Orlica Craft - handmade jewelry - Broken link?

Not only friendship bracelets :)

Peace Bracelets - Broken link?

Beautiful, unique, handmade friendship bracelets for sale!! Stop on by to check out the brand new online store!!!! :)

Photo blog and program calculates length of strings - Broken link?

Photos of bracelets, info about program calculates length of strings FBCalc

PickSomeColors Bracelet Shop - Broken link?

Etsy shop for bracelets by PickSomeColors, aka Tiffany.

piggyfan2's shop--ShugLok on Etsy - Broken link?

Great bracelets and other handmade goods for sale!

Please Check It Out and Join! :) - Broken link?

I love making friendship bracelets and I've been doing them for a while. So, I created a group on Facebook to post pics of my bracelets and you can buy some. I even mail the bracelets, so check out my group and join please! Step 1: Copy and paste and search the link Step:2 It should lead you to the Facebook login homepage Step 3: Login Step 4: Copy and paste the link and search in the URL box and you should be on my group page Step 5: Click to join Please and Thank You! <3 :D

Please check out my work! - Broken link?

Trying to make a living as an artist.

Plp Crafts - Broken link?

A site where we sell all of our crafts!

Polish site about friendship bracelets ;) - Broken link?

Precise instructions in Polish

Positively Rainbow Shop - Broken link?

My online shop where I sell friendship bracelets ^.^

Pretzel knot bracelet - Broken link?


Promisebracelets - Broken link?

I make and sell bracelets.! also check out more bracelets at; wix.com/promisebracelets/promisebracelets

Pulseras en Macram?'s Gallery - Broken link?

Selecting photos from the store

Pulseras NG - Broken link?

Awesome friendship bracelets all handmade by me!

Rachel's Bracelets - Broken link?

Selling handmade friendship bracelets.

Rachel's etsy shop - Broken link?

Selling handmade friendship bracelets.

RAD & DEG 2015 - Broken link?

Artesanías en hilos macrame ,puro algodon

Rays friendship bracelets - Broken link?

A blog about the bracelets. Instructions, videos and photos.

Rays new friendship bracelet site - Broken link?

A site where members can post, and soon the site will be a web store.

Really cool patterns you can make! - Broken link?

Friend ship braclet patterns

Right Turn - Broken link?

An online store to purchase 100% homemade friendship bracelets and other things.

Sabrina's Bracelets - Broken link?

Forums, contests, and shop!

Samantha's Creations Esty Store - Broken link?

Free Shipping, Great quality friendship bracelets and more! :)

Sara's Friendship Bracelets - Broken link?

A site with some pictures of patterns from this site. You can also order these bracelets.

Sarah's Fun Bracelets - Broken link?

Sarah shares pictures of her creations, a few lessons, contests, and maybe start orders! Stop by!

SarahSuzCreations - Broken link?

Here you can buy bracelets and other fun things 100% handmade!

SB Designs - Broken link?

Handcrafted Jewlery

Seamless Square Bracelet - Broken link?

Learn how to make a seamless square bracelet.

selling bracelets - Broken link?


Shamballa - Broken link?

And here the famous Shamballa that everyone fell in love, and I among them.

Shannon's Handmade Friendship Bracelets - Broken link?

I sell friendship bracelets and keychains

Sly Raven - Broken link?

Buy beautiful, creative, and colorful friendship bracelets online!

SnowWhite's Etsy shop - Broken link?

Selling random odd and ends

Soupluver367's Etsy Shop - Broken link?

Here you can find awsome bracelets for great prices!

Straight wave!!! - Broken link?

alot of people wanted to see this bracelet...so here! Take a look!

sukkar - Broken link?

site for my work hope you all like it <3

Sweet Jeannie's Arm Candy Shoppe - Broken link?

Shop, Learn, Enjoy Friendship Bracelets! Buy my friendship bracelets and other arm candy here! Video Tutorials and other info coming soon!

Tangy Trinkets Etsy Store - Broken link?

Friendship Bracelets for good prices!

The Candy Striped Lizard - Broken link?

Just my humble little Facebook page. I sell on ebay from time to time, but this is mostly just to show off :D

The Candy Striped Lizard's Webshop - Broken link?

The website I sell my bracelets on. Come and give a like.

The PC High Seller - Broken link?

Bracelets I'm making and a place to order them

TheMathLady Designs - Broken link?

Quality friendship bracelets for sale by TheMathLady. A great gallery to browse or buy, with many colorful pictures. Complex, beaded, and glow-in-the-dark.

TheMathLady Designs Online Store and Blog - Broken link?

TheMathLady's official online store, includes a large selection of handmade friendship bracelets for sale, free shipping, a gallery, and a blog featuring DIY projects and other artists.

the_illest's Etsy shop - Broken link?

Awesome friendship bracelets all handmade by me! :) I also do customs so send me a message and I'll be happy to make you a special bracelet :D

TonyMarinara's Etsy shop - Throwin' Wristicuffs - Broken link?

Unique Handmade Paracord and Friendship Bracelets - Custom Orders Welcome!!!

TonyMarinara's tumblr blog- Throwin' Wristicuffs - Broken link?

Blog featuring pictures of my friendship bracelets, paracord bracelets, and whatever else

Twilight's Fancy Shop- Ribbon Crimp End Clamps - Broken link?

Ribbon crimps, end, clamps

vero9101's etsy shop - Broken link?

I sell my bracelets here on Etsy.

Victor's Crafts - Broken link?

It's all about handmade :)

vriendschapsarmbandjes/friendship bracelets - Broken link?

facebook page with photo's of my bracelets that i've made

Wiki-How: Make a Friendship Bracelet - Broken link?

Step by step guide how to make the standard friendship bracelet.

Wikipedia: Friendship bracelets - Broken link?

Here you can read a little about the friendship bracelet technique and definition.

With love, from me to you - Broken link?


With Our Own Hands - Broken link?

3 Generations of handcrafted items for sale!! FREE giveaway!!

yoyoyocoolyou's Etsy shop - Broken link?

Selling friendship bracelet's and more.

Zolino! - Broken link?

Step by step instructions (with pictures!) how to make a Zolino-style bracelet!