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Evandro wrote 5 months ago:

oi, venho agradecer pela dicas que voc?s passam para nos, ja fiz algumas pulseiras e gostei muito de ter aprendido aqui. deixo aqui o meu MUITO OBRIGADO! realmente ? incrivel.

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Violet Johnson wrote 5 months ago:

Private message.

Jaela wrote 5 months ago:

Is it easy to make bracelets?

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Daib wrote 5 months ago:

How do you do bracelets from an image? For example, I see a lot of pics of bracelts but they don't have pattern, how do I do it?

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geeky_101_gal wrote 5 months ago:

I was wondering if it would be possible to make a sheet for a pattern that already has a page? if so that is what I would do, but I am wondering if it would be possible, or if I would be rejected, considering that I would go through all the effort for nothing.

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