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bheileson190 wrote 3 months ago:

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Niki wrote 4 months ago:

Is there anywhere on here that explains what the knots do? Why use one over the other? I feel like I could make my own patterns if I understood the mechanics. I can?t find that anywhere on the web!

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Anotheruser wrote 4 months ago:

It wont let me sign up. Every time I try to sign up it says my email is in the wrong form when it isn't. I want to be able to post braclets and I can't be the only one with a problem like this.

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Yara wrote 4 months ago:

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angelsss7971 wrote 4 months ago:

Hello, excuse me for my spelling but I use the translator, not speaking and only writing French, in short, here is my problem, I had a login on your site so I do not remember the email address, j would like to redo one but I can not find the place or do it! can you help me? because I would like to do some creation in "normal pattern" which no longer accessible! Thank you

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