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CHINTANSINH SOLANKI wrote 4 months ago:

I have found a security bug in your website, Will I get any swag or bounty for reporting bug proof of concept ? Thank You...

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thizirisah wrote 4 months ago:

How could I use the moderator on Android??

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Jess wrote 4 months ago:

For the alpha patterns - do I use u string per block or ? How do I know how many strings of each color to use! Should the amount of strings equal the width of the bracelet I the pattern, the blocks?

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kristen wrote 4 months ago:

i would like to print off all of the patterns on this site. Is there a way for me to download all of them at once. I'm making a pattern book for my daughter and would like to kjeep them in a bindder forr her. Thanks in advance for the help.

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kenna_14 wrote 4 months ago:

Some of you may recognize me, but I haven't been on here in years. My name is Morgan and I have been making bracelets for just about 8 years now. Crazy that's almost half my life! I love to talk with people and if you have questions, I may be able to help out.

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