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Camilla wrote 11 years ago:

Hei igjen. N? har jeg pr?vd omtrent tusen ganger, men f?r ikke til ? f?lge m?nstrene dine. Jeg lager knutene s?nn som det skal, men m?nstrene kommer ikke fram... Jeg har n? sl?sa bort mange meter med tr?d. Jeg syns denne siden er kjempefin, men det er helt elendig at ikke det er beskrevet HVORDAN man skal knyte. Mer detaljerte beskrivelser ville gjort siden mye bedre.

Jag ?r ledsen att det inte g?r s? bra f?r dig att knyta. Jag ska g?ra en steg-f?r-steg-beskrivning ?t dig och de andra n?sta vecka, om hur man kommer ig?ng med knytningen enligt mina beskrivningar. L?s p? sidan Learn tills dess! H?ll ut! /Stefan

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brenna rubino wrote 11 years ago:


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... wrote 11 years ago:

Can you please explain how to read the directions on making the different pattern bracelets.

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phetcu travis wrote 11 years ago:

i like a lot this website. good work Stefan. One question: when i`m making bracelets with letters, when making the knots, there is a little space between knots. the knots are made fine but i don't know what happne. it may be the the difference of the filaments? one is bigger than other. thanks

Yes, that is correct. The teqnique of making letter bracelets is not as fine as the pattern technique because there will be more space between knots, and if you have different thread thickness it will be more noteable. Even if you have the same thread thickness from the beginning, the filaments may become different in thickness and stiffness. My suggestion is to use the same type of filaments but with different colours. Good luck! /Stefan

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na123 wrote 11 years ago:

i like your webside its nice

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