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phetcu travis wrote 11 years ago:

stefan i have a problem. if i show you a photo with a bracelet can you help me with the patern? because the bracelet is not mine and i want to know how it's made. thanx.mihai

Sure! Send the photo to me. My e-mail address is my first name followed by my last name, separated by an underscore sign. And then @hotmail.com. /Stefan

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phetcu travis wrote 11 years ago:

i think it is a good idea:D

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Stefan Hedman wrote 11 years ago:

It feels like you all have many questions about the technique, maybe I should start a forum? What do you all think? /Stefan, webmaster

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yessika gamala wrote 11 years ago:

thank you soo much for making this website =] i have a question for the bracelet with letters. . . how long should the string be?

It depends on how long you want your bracelet to be. For a normal bracelet, I use to take about 1m strings. In this case, the background colour need to be much longer though. That is because it goes from right to left for every row while the rest just go straight down. For letter bracelets, its a good idea to make a little hank in the end of the background colour string so you wont run out of it. /Stefan

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Fiona H. wrote 11 years ago:

Hi You're web site is GREAT!!! I love your pattern notation and the beginner item and video were well worth looking at. I'm sure my craft group will love it!

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