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nanna wrote 11 years ago:

Can everyone see my real name if I sign up?

Yes, that is correct. Maybe I should change it so only aliases will be shown? /Stefan

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Margaret wrote 11 years ago:

this site is so good but i have a question about knotting.. is it just like making a 4 then going under into the space on the 4 than for left knots it like a P ????

Yes, I think you got it right. See the pictures on the Learn page. I have also updated the pattern viewing page now so it shows how to make the knots. /Stefan

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Gergonsnofferheimentooter wrote 11 years ago:

Cool friendship designs, but make the instructions more clear

Thank you very much! The pattern viewer page has been updated with instructions how to make the knots, I hope it will help! /Stefan

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Martin wrote 11 years ago:

ser bra ut detta:P

Tack k?re bror! /Stefan

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Camilla wrote 11 years ago:

Private message.

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