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corinne wrote 11 years ago:

i like doing friendship bracelets

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corinne wrote 11 years ago:

is this website not in USA??? they are speaking other languages, i dont understand.

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Emily wrote 11 years ago:

hi I am trying to do pattern #60 and I am having a lot of trouble following the instructions that is drawn on there.. i dont get what order you go in or if it's just like the order you use for diagonal designs????

The main thing you should keep in mind is that you only can make a knot between two other knots that is above (exceptions at the rightmost end leftmost knots). If you cant get it right you should read and tie one horizontal row one at a time. Make sure you use right threads and that you make the right knot. /Stefan

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Everanilson silva wrote 11 years ago:

Nossa um dos melhores site que j? visitei muito bom exelente. Voc? poderia colocar ums padr?es de colar. Parabens muito bom.

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nanna wrote 11 years ago:

Can everyone see my real name if I sign up?

Yes, that is correct. Maybe I should change it so only aliases will be shown? /Stefan

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