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therapycase wrote 11 years ago:

stephan u should totally start a forum so we could all share ideas and stuff. people would visit the website even if they dont make bracelets just to ask questions

A forum has already been made and is beta tested for the moment. Just wait! /Steffe

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Pandas Rule! wrote 11 years ago:

Is there a way were you could type in something like 'peace sign' in some box and it will show all the peace sign patterns?

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super_cool wrote 11 years ago:

Hi stefan, how long does it usualy take for u to put a new pattern on the website?

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Inga-Lill wrote 11 years ago:

Private message.

courtney wrote 11 years ago:

hey! i love your patterns ive already done the duck the yingyang and the rasta oeace sign and i tell everyone about your website. my friend is leaving for sleep away camp and i really wanna make her a hello kitty bracelet but i can not find a pattern anywhere! do you think you could make one for me? that would be so much help!

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