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Angela wrote 11 years ago:

Hello all. I love the sight. I wish I had some thread right now LOL. I have been interested in making friendship bracelets for awhile, but have never found the time. Well, I think it is about time and I will start at your website! I have only one suggestion, you should somewhere say what type of yarn/thread you use. I am a little confused about that.

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hopelessromantic wrote 11 years ago:

Hey, this is a message for everyone who is using this site! go into \\\'other stuff\\\' and click on the other bracelet sites stefan is featuring. I have discovered that the majority of the sites are in czech. do not be afraid by the czech language many of them are in. Use Google Translate to figure them out. You can really get a ton of amazing patterns under the tab that says "Vzory" (or, designs). Besides this website, there are so many designs on the linked sites that are really incredible!! Check them out!

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kristen wrote 11 years ago:

Private message.

hopelessromantic wrote 11 years ago:

thaank you so much for posting this website! i am getting to work on tons of your patterns this week! keep updating, and thanks again

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Stefan wrote 11 years ago:

Sorry for the strange error messages on the website, they will probably be gone tomorrow.

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