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Deb wrote 11 years ago:

Is there any way to create a blank pattern so I can try creating patterns on paper before trying to enter it online? I believe on your previous version of this website you could just leave the knot section blank and get a blank pattern but now if you dont enter the knots it comes out all black.

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R wrote 11 years ago:

Wonderful site! I have already done the heart and penguin patterns and they look really great. I've been making friendship bracelets throughout my life, but never have I found such cool patterns. Thanks!

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white horse wrote 11 years ago:

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ron wrote 11 years ago:

i was thinking that you should put in how long each string should be for each pattern, that would be very helpful

Yes, but it would also be very hard to accomplish. Many of these patterns arent even tied yet :). And thread usage depends on so many things. /Stefan

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allie wrote 11 years ago:

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