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Candie Ellis wrote 9 years ago:

I had a terrible time trying to generate a pattern with 32 lines. I finally in desperation changed the number of lines to 16 and it worked!!

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Candie Ellis wrote 9 years ago:

Stephan, I have very much enjoyed using your generator and have several patterns that I have contributed to your site. However, I have several that are just a little too wide for the generator. I\\\'m hoping that in the future you would consider tinkering with the generator to allow us to make wider patterns. The max now is 15 directions, going up to 20 would be a huge help. It\\\'s a shame that I can\\\'t realize my wider patterns in your wonderful format.

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Rico Rocky wrote 9 years ago:

Private message.

arely carrasco wrote 9 years ago:

hey stefan, if i show you a photo with a bracelet can you help me with the patern? It is difficult for me to do it

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phetcu travis wrote 9 years ago:

stefan i have a problem. if i show you a photo with a bracelet can you help me with the patern? because the bracelet is not mine and i want to know how it's made. thanx.mihai

Sure! Send the photo to me. My e-mail address is my first name followed by my last name, separated by an underscore sign. And then @hotmail.com. /Stefan

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