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Olesya wrote 10 years ago:

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eDee wrote 10 years ago:

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Krili wrote 10 years ago:

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Kiki♪♣♠?○↕∟↔π→↓≥▼? wrote 10 years ago:

Hellooo again! I was wondering if you could make a penguin friendship bracelet pattern with less strings plz! I\'m beggin you! I really really really really really really really need it so I can make it for my lil sis cuz she absolutely adores penguins(she even made up a really silly song about them). Please do it! Thanks a thousand thanks. Byyyyyyyeeeeeee! :3

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Kiki♥☺☻♦♣♠?◘○♀↨?↓↑♫☼►♪↕∟↔ wrote 10 years ago:

Hellooo! When I tie my bracelets the results r really tight and firm and it is different then how my friends turns out. Do you know why? Oh, and, nice site but it took me a while to figure out the patterns(i am not that old, not saying that your old and not that smart but i am smart :P )its really cool though, the generator thingy. Byyyyyyyyyeee! :3 Ps do you know where you can get more string, cuz i only got purple and white left ^^

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