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tkdnut wrote 9 years ago:

Private message.

Xmas wrote 9 years ago:

this is a great site, keep up your bril work!! its exactly the site I was looking for!! but please can you tell me how long should i have my strings when i prepare making the duck and penguin bracelet? can you put how long each string needs to be on the other bracelet step by steps as well ta

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brrr wrote 9 years ago:

I love your bracelets, but i have a question: with what kind of rope do you knot??

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rotem wrote 9 years ago:

hello! i love this site! now i can make any bracelets i want without bothring my friends. but i have one problem. i find it hard to understand the generator. maybe you can make it easyer somehow, explain how to read it. there are beautiful bracelets here and i want to be able to make the haders to. thanks

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ron wrote 9 years ago:

ok...thanks steffan, i also needed help with someother things, but i posted them in the forums. is there any tips you can give me on how not to mess up? and also, how to go faster? i go so slow, i have to check off the rows that i did so i dont forget where i am!!!! any tips???

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