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Here you can write what you think about the site, or what you think could be better. Or just say hi. Write anything you like, I like getting feedback!

rose wrote 9 years ago:

this site is amazing. it really helps and is way easy to understand. thanks soo much

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Mahsa wrote 9 years ago:

I really really enjoyed ur site.and love it!I made many of these bracelets they are very beautiful.Thank u so much(*q*)

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Diana wrote 9 years ago:

I started making bracelets with a Klutz book but was disappointed when I've done all the patterns and nothing was left :/ then I found this site with hundreds of patterns. it's so cool!!! ^_^ thanks!

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Anna wrote 9 years ago:

oh and this site is awsome!!!! xD

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Anna wrote 9 years ago:

does anyone know how to make a pattern with a vw symble??

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