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Anonymous wrote 9 years ago:

Hey Stephan! This website is totally awesome. I've only been able to do one design, but with your website, I'm learning so many more. Since it's the summer, I'll be able to make plenty and show them off when school starts up. Thanks a lot!

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Anonymous wrote 9 years ago:

Hello, I was trying to generate a pattern map for 12 columns and 12 rows, but it showed up mostly black, so that I can\\\'t print it out and color it in. Can this be fixed?

Thanks for reporting this bug! I will fix it asap! /Stefan

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Tamiko Rafeek wrote 9 years ago:

Private message.

Candie Ellis wrote 9 years ago:

Wow!!!!!!!!!! The pattern generator works beautifully now! I just keyed in a pattern that I couldn't get to go in yesterday and I couldn't believe how fast it worked! A million thanks to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No problemo. Please write to me again if you have any problems. /Stefan

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lauru . wrote 9 years ago:

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