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kim wrote 9 years ago:

sooo i followed to patterns and i understand how to tie the knots and everything, but when i do exactly what the thing says the knots aren't attached to oneanother? what am i doing wrong?

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Minette wrote 9 years ago:

Hey, you're site looks like it would be a ton of help if i could understand it. I love all the patterns and variety, but I don't understand the way you set it up. I read all of your instructions and it still doesn't make sense :(.

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Kara wrote 9 years ago:

You're site is amazing! Thank you so much for all the information and especially the pattern generator! It is the most brilliant tool!

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Claire wrote 9 years ago:

Hey! I love your site and have found sooo many wonderful patterns on it. The one think i think would help is if you put the numer of colors needed with the number of threads, so you know before you click on it to see the pattern. Just a sugestion.

That can be arranged! Thanks for the tip! /Stefan

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tkdnut wrote 9 years ago:

Private message.

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