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Here you can write what you think about the site, or what you think could be better. Or just say hi. Write anything you like, I like getting feedback!

Noel wrote 9 years ago:

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munskies wrote 9 years ago:

well i really like this website it has helped me alot with new patterns and stuff, i think if we had like messages to one another an our friends and stuff it can awesome just a suggestion lol thx though

Thanks munskies! Im having thoughts about that too, the site would be like a bracelet community then! I will think about it. First I will update the generator. Thanks again! /Stefan

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Candie wrote 9 years ago:

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Lacey wrote 9 years ago:

I LOVE this sight! Ive been looking for a good sight so I can make better friendship bracelets and this sight is awesome....it makes super hard patterns, easy. Angela to make friendship bracelets you should use embroidery floss...thats the standard and thats what these patterns are for..you can get huuuuuge packs of like 40 colors at Wal-mart cheap. (pretty much any store like that carrys it....and craft stores)

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Angela wrote 9 years ago:

Hello all. I love the sight. I wish I had some thread right now LOL. I have been interested in making friendship bracelets for awhile, but have never found the time. Well, I think it is about time and I will start at your website! I have only one suggestion, you should somewhere say what type of yarn/thread you use. I am a little confused about that.

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