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ron wrote 9 years ago:

i was thinking that you should put in how long each string should be for each pattern, that would be very helpful

Yes, but it would also be very hard to accomplish. Many of these patterns arent even tied yet :). And thread usage depends on so many things. /Stefan

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allie wrote 9 years ago:

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heather wrote 9 years ago:

this is awesome. A high school senior was doing the heart pattern in my physical therapy place and I just couldnt' figure it out. I have looked for books everywhere barnes and noble, library, michaels and nothing. I wasn't even sure what to look for until a nice lady at Micheals told me to look under friend ship bracelets. However that was fruitless. I actually found you under floss bracelet patterns. Thank you so much. I wanted to make one for my 12 yr old who is a sleep away camp and surprise her and send it off. Have a great day.,

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Steph-y wrote 9 years ago:

I agree with Xmas. Can you please put how long the strings need to be? Or when someone posts a picture ofr them to put how long their strings were.

It is really difficult to estimate thread length. Even if you start with the same thread length as an other person has done, it can still differ because of the threads properties such as thickness. It can also depend on how hard you tie the knots. Make some bracelets and you will get a feeling for it. /Stefan

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kim wrote 9 years ago:

sooo i followed to patterns and i understand how to tie the knots and everything, but when i do exactly what the thing says the knots aren't attached to oneanother? what am i doing wrong?

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