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Kirsten M Blair wrote 19 days ago:

I needed a Minions pattern, and yours are great! Thanks 😄

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Kamyk wrote 22 days ago:

Just wanted to drop an idea. Maybe some of you guys would like to try frivolite or tatting? You can make not olny doilies but bracelets, chokers earings etc ;) If you never heard of it maybe give it a try. Have a nice day guys :)

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1SARAH2POWELL3 wrote 24 days ago:

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dianis wrote 27 days ago:

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Lorraine Johnstone wrote 28 days ago:

Hi, I was directed to your site for the chart for Eeyore so I can knit into a jumper for my grand-daughter this Winter. Thank you so much, love this site, but a little unfamiliar on how it works. Do you by chance have a chart for Dumbo the elephant???

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