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Missia wrote 9 months ago:

Hi! I have seen that there used To be international swaps. Is there any New one planned for winter or christmas ? Thanks ! Missia

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teba wrote 9 months ago:

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javier82 wrote 9 months ago:

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zvetjta wrote 10 months ago:

Hi everyone, is there any pattern for mot?rhead? This is a metal music band and I want to make a bracelet for my best friend, but I can't find anything. Please, help meeeeee!

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peppers wrote 10 months ago:

Hi, I'm wondering what the pattern would be if I were to make a thailand flag (horizontal lines) bracelet? I am new to this so i'm not sure how to do it myself. I guess it would be somewhat similar to #507 except the blue center color would have to be thicker than the white and red sides. I would really appreciate it if someone could let me know whatthe pattern would be for this!

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