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greengrl26 wrote 6 months ago:

Thank you for the chain knotting game marjar! It is so awesome and giving ppl another new reason to knot (= And I love that there is a site for palettes that I know about now to help me (and others) with colors! I love it! <3

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Peapod73 wrote 6 months ago:

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Leanna Williams wrote 6 months ago:

Please let me know what the color key chart is for the parakeet patterns ASAP please!!!Sincerely, LEANNA WILLIAMS b

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Waricks wrote 6 months ago:

Hello! I am new to this forum and have lots of questions but I will refrain from asking them until I look around a bit, maybe I can answer them for my self. I am dying to get more supplies because I already made the bracelet kit from my starter pack. Looking forward to getting addicted to this as much as I am to beading and paracording.

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Luna wrote 6 months ago:

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