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Charmed_1 wrote 7 months ago:

Hello everyone, I've been fighting with my computer this whole time I have been absent from here, sadly my computer has died and will be using my iPad mini to visit this site. I've been lost not having my laptop but it is what it is. Hope everyone had an awesome memorial weekend.. have a good one :)

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Althaea wrote 7 months ago:

Private message.

majestic_oak wrote 7 months ago:

Hello, someone please tell me how to start Pattern # 29327 with a loop and how to distribute the thread colors - my brain explodes!

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medooo7 wrote 7 months ago:

where can i find a pattern that i already generated but it is not appear in the site yet ??

Go to 'your page' and then on the questionmark where stand 'pending'. You can find your patterns there until we have checked them.

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greengrl26 wrote 8 months ago:

I know it's kinda a pain making nice bracelets and having to sell them kinda on the cheap side so that people will buy them.... But I def gotta say more ppl buy when prices are lower, therefore making more sales and more money! Just made like $20 in 1 week for my bracelets that I sell at store I work at (=

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