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Daniel wrote 10 months ago:

When making the chevron bracelet, and you get to the inside, is it necessary for the middle strings to switch positions?

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AnnaLin wrote 10 months ago:

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lokon100 wrote 10 months ago:

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CatherineCMS wrote 11 months ago:

I've been online looking for PRINTABLE friendship bracelet patterns and I can't find any. They're all tutorials. I want to be able to have the pattern IN HAND so I can put in a book in case I forget the pattern. I do this with all the crafts I do ... cross stitch, crochet, knitting (not a lot of that) etc... It's actually quite frustrating. If anyone has any information or ideas, I'm game. Friendship bracelets are my practice area so I can get good enough to do some of the real fancy jewelry I've seen and have books for. Or maybe these are printable and me and my tech-illiterate brain just are seeing how and some nice person can explain it to me. Thank you in advance.

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pescador wrote 11 months ago:

hola me gustaria saber como si se puede pasar un patron alfa a patron nomal

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