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alittlebitlee wrote 6 months ago:

Hey guys! So a coworker of mine sent out an email regarding her home-schooled granddaughter not being able to participate in passing out valentines cards to kids like they do in regular schools. My co-worker was asking us to send her granddaughter cards so that her she can have fun on the holiday to and not feel left out. I'm planning on sending a card with a couple bracelets with hearts on them and if you're feeling generous, I would love it if any of you would like to send cute bracelets to this little girl. If you're interested, please message and I'll give you the information to send them to. Thank you! :)

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Blaize wrote 6 months ago:

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Paulaa wrote 6 months ago:

Hi! Is there any ongoing challenge/contest on the page? :)

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Charmed_1 wrote 6 months ago:

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Fionacadetblue wrote 6 months ago:

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