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Alan wrote 10 months ago:

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Benvolio wrote 10 months ago:

Please feel free to comment. Are there are others that think they are generating a certain color in bracelet patterns, only to find that a color on the right side doesn't match the exact same color(let's say green) on the corresponding left side position?

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Shenshen wrote 10 months ago:

There is a picture i saw on the internet and cannot find the pattern. Can i post the picture and maybe some you is familiar with it or know the patterns?

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lady_cinni wrote 10 months ago:

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Ilee wrote 10 months ago:

I would like to suggest that kumihimo patterns also could be possible to add to favorites. I often choose patterns and make the bracelets later, but with kumihimo patterns it is impossible to do. everything else is cool =)

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