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Cathy_3 wrote 5 months ago:

Hi everyone, the new Monthly Challenge is posted, check it out ;) (http://friendship-bracelets.net/forum.php?thread_id=70771) Happy knotting!

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Nathalie Marissal wrote 5 months ago:

Sorry but I can not answer on the open thread below. I tried several browsers No, I do not spam in my mailbox I use thunderbird Do you have an email address where I could send a message? That way you could send me my password in response.

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Nathalie Marissal wrote 5 months ago:

Hello, I try desperately to subscribe to your site but I have not received the registration password to validate my account. I clicked several times to regenerate the password but still no friendship-bracelets.net mail in my box ... :( Thank you for your help, Nathalie

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Tammie wrote 5 months ago:

Hello, new to you attempted to register and recieved the errow message explaining there was my email and my user name were in use. i've never registered here before. any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Tammie6

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Charmed_1 wrote 5 months ago:

Private message.

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