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Scarybookfan wrote 5 months ago:

I bought some thicker than normal,cotton pastel skeins from A.C.Moore several years ago. They are discontinued now and do not remember the brand name either. It was twisted consistency and only available at the time in a package of pastels. Can anyone help me and tell me what brand this could have been?

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Jimi wrote 5 months ago:

I'd like to create my own pattern but my mac doesn't have adobe flash player downloaded and I don't want to download it. My dad has downloaded it onto his Mac Pro and it gave his laptop a virus that was incredibly hard to reverse. I was wondering if there is anyway to use the Generate without Adobe Flash player. I don't trust it.

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Tracy wrote 5 months ago:

Is it stupid to repeat the same bracelet pattern over and over again?

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dido514 wrote 5 months ago:

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OnlyForMyLady wrote 5 months ago:

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