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Chris Gum wrote 10 months ago:

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Persephane_666 wrote 10 months ago:

Hi, I would like to know why my kumihimo pattern I generated a couple of days ago was rejcted? I thought I did everything right? Reading the Terms of Use I can't see what I may have done wrong, the design was a blue fleur-de-lys which repeats on a white background. Possibly my username? Persephane 666? But i've had it for loads of things for over 20 years(yes im old) with no problems. I am v confused. Any assistance would be grateful, as I really like the site and I would like to use it more

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AniHaya wrote 10 months ago:

uhi the Generator for traditional bracelets doesn t open, i can' t creat or do anything on the page. is this under construction?

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CatherineCMS wrote 10 months ago:

I'd like to copy some of the patterns on the website to a notebook on my computer so I can practice without having to go to my computer all the time. I did it once before but I don't remember how and the forum answer is lost to me now. I think how to copy the patterns to our own computers should be an FAQ. I can't use your website if I can't copy the patterns. That makes me sad.

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Monica wrote 10 months ago:

Should I sell my friendship braclets for 1.00 also can you give me tips on how to start a braclet bissnous?

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