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Trae wrote 5 months ago:

I'm interested in buying a couple of Star-Of-David friendship bracelets. I am not crafty and cannot make them but would love to have a couple made and willing to pay for them. Is anyone interested in making them for cash?

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marco wrote 5 months ago:

hello Kleinevos thanx so much for answer me,,,, well probably i made a mistake login up and signing up maybe i forget my password or nickname... rightn now wht appers to me when i try again to sign up is that my emil adress is already in use.... I dont have any other email adress and Im little "stupid" with my pc.....please help me I am a crazy knotter and it has helped so much in my life I wish to show my brcellets and contact with other people here thank you so much

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123bracelets123 wrote 5 months ago:

how can i draw alpha pattern????

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tweety9794 wrote 5 months ago:

Does anybody on here have a livestream?

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marquinho wrote 5 months ago:

hello friendship bracellet and ll you knotters.. can somebody help me i cannot logg in Marco

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