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finkb6111 wrote 10 months ago:

hello I have a Mac and seems the generator and pattern feature isn't working. I really would like to know how the friendship bracelet K44 16 strand 4 color RASTA colored bracelet is made. Its driving me nuts trying to find something similar on YOUTUBE videos. id appreciate any info or how I can get the tutorial very very much. Barb

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lady_cinni wrote 10 months ago:

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angrybear wrote 10 months ago:

How can I do if the thread is short to make a bracelet? I have to tie another thread? Or use glue to attach?

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angrybear wrote 10 months ago:

How long the thread should be?? I'm rookie at this...so I don't know what length should be..I want to know general length.

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Frans Penders wrote 10 months ago:

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