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kenna_14 wrote 8 months ago:

Some of you may recognize me, but I haven't been on here in years. My name is Morgan and I have been making bracelets for just about 8 years now. Crazy that's almost half my life! I love to talk with people and if you have questions, I may be able to help out.

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Skwuruhl wrote 8 months ago:

I was wondering if there were only bracelet patterns on here? I'm trying to make a lighter holder/leash but can't seem to find how to actually do them. There lots of pictures but no good directions

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Amber Brennan wrote 8 months ago:

Private message.

thriftybrat wrote 8 months ago:

hello ;( i was happily making an alpha pattern a few minutes ago when suddenly one of my base strings broke i guess i pulled too hard i didnt know i had the ability to break a 6 ply strand of threaD ahAHAHHA does anyone have any solutions on how to fix the alpha as i dont want to have to restart the whole thing. do you think i could just tie them back and when it comes to that point of the knot, ill just hide it behind the whole alpha?

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Sayv wrote 8 months ago:

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