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G_Y_Purple wrote 9 months ago:

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Gumball000 wrote 9 months ago:

Do you guys know how i could make a candy cuff with a personalized design with the beads? Is there a tutorial somewhere. I hope you get what Im saying

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Gumball000 wrote 9 months ago:

Heyyyy Everybody!!! So I've been wearing a bunch of my bracelets for quite some time and they used to be white but they are filthy now. Kind of a murky grey lol. How do you guys clean your bracelets? I thought about scrubbing them with an old toothbrush but will that pull up the knots or make it frey?

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Gumball000 wrote 9 months ago:

Does anyone know of a pattern similar to #A35403. I was hoping to figure out what it would look like when its finished. So maybe someone posted a photo to a pattern similar? Idk lol Just lemme know!

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sarakyeon wrote 9 months ago:

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