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Mady383 wrote 7 months ago:

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mandy wrote 7 months ago:

I have started making bracelets with DMC floss, But it is so time consuming with such small strands. I don't like the way yarn feels and I have tried some hemp bracelets but again pretty small and more like a twine or Jute look to them. Any other suggestions on what to use to make a nice looking thicker material?

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Allison98 wrote 7 months ago:

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rontel wrote 7 months ago:

Hello anyone, have you ever tried reducing strands of your strings so the knots will be smaller? I want to make a 12 strings bracelet but maintain the width to be about 0,8 cm just like my 8 strings bracelets. Any tips/advice, guys?

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Rhondav wrote 7 months ago:

Hi I've just joined and I have made a few patterns and saved and published them but I cannot find them on my page or anywhere, I checked the pending and it said 0 even though I've saved 3-4.

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