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Alex Gillespie wrote 9 months ago:

Ok so I'm a beginner with making these bracelets and I'm trying to make more styles.Only thing is, I don't know how to the follow the patterns. Any Tips?

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Skuhn wrote 9 months ago:

How do I use the generator three to make my own pattern, there is no way to get a keyboard

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MaraTera wrote 9 months ago:

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LoopyLoos wrote 9 months ago:

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greengrl26 wrote 9 months ago:

Oh how I've missed this site and making bracelets! I've been working full time and now I'm working weekends too. And i have an almost 5 year old. By the time I get home, i'm too exhausted to knot! How do ya'll make the time to do bracelets? Just curious (=

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