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lady_cinni wrote 4 months ago:

Been measuring and cutting the floss for the bracelets I wrote patterns out for, probably about 100 patterns.. I've got about 40 or so left to set up the floss for. After that, I get started on making said bracelets. Although, I've been running out of alot of my colors, hopefully I'll be able to finish soonish, and won't have to spend too much to get the skeins I still need.

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Mary wrote 5 months ago:

Private message.

redline wrote 5 months ago:

New Bi-weekly contest #170 is up now! http://friendship-bracelets.net/forum.php?thread_id=70896

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DusterFan wrote 5 months ago:

Hello, I've just recently decided to make bracelets again - the last time was a long long time ago while I was at school. I'm so pleased I found this site as I've been so inspired and I see to be addicted to making them and trying new patterns and techniques to finish them. Next I might need to find a 'Friendship Bracelet Anonymous' site for addicts hehehe

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lady_cinni wrote 5 months ago:

finally finished with the last batch of bracelets I had set patterns and string for (I write a bunch of patterns out by hand, printer doesn't want to work properly, then make little ziplock baggies with the floss bobbins I use for each pattern). The next batch of patterns have been written out (probably at least 50 patterns, maybe more). Now it's time to pick my colors out, and set my starters up (I take the time to cut my floss and start the bracelet, the beginning loop, etc).

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