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Mia_green246 wrote 8 months ago:

I have been trying to read the alpha patterns and I noticed a couple of things that bother me. One, there are no "directions" or the arrows indicating which way and which row I am on. I've also noticed on the designs the pictures are extremely blurry and you cant see the separations of boxes when you use dark colors such as black.

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cads435 wrote 8 months ago:

Hi I am new to this website I love it just one thing with the generator on the normal patterns Wish there was an undo button so u can undo your last couple of steps

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PinkyTheNinja wrote 8 months ago:

I was making an alpha bracelet and I realised I tied with the wrong color on a few knots. I'm lazy and I don't really want to untie and retie 4 whole rows. Is there any way to change the color without redoing the knots? Thx.

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SylvieP wrote 8 months ago:

I read some of your tutorials on colors and writing pattern. Very Clear. Bravo. I choose pattern 95220 and the next will be the pouch pattern

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Rob wrote 8 months ago:

Salve a tutti. Ho iniziato da poco a fare questi braccialetti e vorrei sapere come posso fare per cambiare i colori di uno schema. Grazie.

Translation: Hello everyone. I just started doing these bracelets and I want to know how I can do to change the colors of a pattern. Thank you.

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