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Kibblekiller wrote 4 months ago:

Hey y'all, I need your help. Are there any reliable websites with information on the history of embroidery floss bracelets? How they evolved, where they came from, when they were invented, and all of that stuff. Thanks, -Jenny <3

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Paul wrote 4 months ago:

Hello. I'm new and have some questions. I'm investigating making bracelets and hope I can get some opinions. I see a lot of bracelets that are overly large in size, some are bulky, some are hard or stiff and too large and don't confirm to the wrist well, some are too large in circumference. I feel a bracelet should be delicate looking, not heavy, be flexible to wrap the wrist and be sized to fit comfortably(not tight, not loose, but to the wearer's liking). Are these attributes something that would be a plus. And my bracelets would be very colorful. About these friendship bracelets, are they meant to be taken off and on, or on 24/7. To take them off do you have to untie a knot? Thanks

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thorns wrote 4 months ago:

i'm unhappy

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Kenja2 wrote 4 months ago:

Good day friends! Im searching on internet on how to do lock ends in friendship bracelet.. and I found this site really helpful to me. I'm in a province my home and there's no available clasps and end here and don't have some money enough to buy online ... I want just simple yet creative and neat friendship bracelet lock ends.. 😁 #NewbieHere

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Dakota_01 wrote 4 months ago:

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