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BettyPogonza wrote 7 months ago:

buenas tardes, hace un tiempo usaba la pagina para hacer patrones desde una imagen ... sub?a una imagen y se transformaba en patr?n , nose si me explico bien. la pregunta es donde se hace ahora porque no logro encontrar la forma :). desde ya muchas gracias

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Liz (1_turtle) wrote 8 months ago:

Hi there, I am unable to reset my password. I have tried to reset a few times but every time the login fails. Please help! Thank you!!

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FalynneLeigh15 wrote 8 months ago:

I have an account on this site and on bracelet book and I love both sites so much!! I was wondering can anybody suggest any other sites like this and bracelet book, I'd love some suggestions!!Thanks so much!!!

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TBSNBubblegum wrote 8 months ago:

I know it's been probably posted before. But what do people use to resize their pics on an Android?

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G Perry wrote 9 months ago:

Private message.

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