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greengrl26 wrote 4 months ago:

I know it's kinda a pain making nice bracelets and having to sell them kinda on the cheap side so that people will buy them.... But I def gotta say more ppl buy when prices are lower, therefore making more sales and more money! Just made like $20 in 1 week for my bracelets that I sell at store I work at (=

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G_Y_Purple wrote 4 months ago:

Any tips for staring a bracelet to put all the colors in the right order?

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rontel wrote 4 months ago:

Hello moderators, is it okay to copy the exact color combination and pattern from the bracelets uploaded on this site? I mean there are lots of bracelets with cool color combinations and sometimes I'm not creative enough to come up with my own color combination.

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Soupreme wrote 4 months ago:

Private message.

lady_cinni wrote 4 months ago:

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