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Ilee wrote 8 months ago:

I would like to suggest that kumihimo patterns also could be possible to add to favorites. I often choose patterns and make the bracelets later, but with kumihimo patterns it is impossible to do. everything else is cool =)

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Morgan wrote 9 months ago:

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Cherish wrote 9 months ago:

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Kitty wrote 9 months ago:

Hey, so I found a beautiful bracelet online that a lot of people have pinned on Pinterest. I did a lot of reverse image searching to no avail, I think I found the shop that originally created it and messaged them but they don't seem very active. Would it be okay if I posted the image on here and see if anyone recognized the pattern? I'm a bit frantic.

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Benvolio wrote 9 months ago:

Has anyone ever tried to make a bracelet of a flag that has an irregular shape such as the Nepali flag which is not rectangular but is straight along the left side and then is like a triangle on top of a triangle with a blue border all around?

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