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Thrifter wrote 6 months ago:

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G_Y_Purple wrote 6 months ago:

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Samsam_1000 wrote 6 months ago:

Hi what do you do with those super wide bracelets do you really use them as a bracelet or do you have other ideas what to do with those wide but pretty ribbon? Thanks Samsam

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MrsConklin17 wrote 6 months ago:

any advice for the average length of strings for both alpha and normal bracelets, i tend to make them either way to short or way to long! help please!!!!

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piccolina wrote 6 months ago:

Hi, I've made lots of bracelets, what are the plans I got on this site. I would like to publish pictures of my bracelets, but I do not want to attach any pictures. What advice? Thank you. Nice creative weekend

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