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ilse wrote 4 months ago:

yes, i understand that! but for a normal length ? so not for a big arm or something. just for someone who is 15/20

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ilse wrote 4 months ago:

hey again:) my last question:) how many rows is normal for a bracelet with an alpha pattern?

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Ilse wrote 4 months ago:

Hey, i had another question! I'd like to generate a bracelet with Thename JOLIEN. But when i'll go to the generator and go to alpha bracelets I don't understand the pattern. IT isn't the same as other pattern.. Please help me㈳2;

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Ilse wrote 4 months ago:

Hey, i really would like to make aan piano bracelet! It has to be black And white. Just as a real piano! Can Someone help me

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lady_cinni wrote 4 months ago:

Private message.

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