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Here you can write what you think about the site, or what you think could be better. Or just say hi. Write anything you like, I like getting feedback!

Tamika wrote 7 months ago:

Hi I come here often for ideas for friendship Bracelets. I just wanted to say Thanks guys..

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lovegreen_55 wrote 7 months ago:

Private message.

lovegreen_55 wrote 7 months ago:

Hi i've read the FAQ and it says to be able to change my user, i have to contact an admin at the guestbook section!

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AwesomeAroro wrote 7 months ago:

I have an image i would love to create into an alpha pattern. Does anyone have a way to maybe pixelate it get it to transfer easily or any tips?

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Missia wrote 7 months ago:

Hi! I have seen that there used To be international swaps. Is there any New one planned for winter or christmas ? Thanks ! Missia

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