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Rhondav wrote 3 months ago:

Hi I've just joined and I have made a few patterns and saved and published them but I cannot find them on my page or anywhere, I checked the pending and it said 0 even though I've saved 3-4.

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Piper wrote 3 months ago:

Hi! Are there any swaps happening anytime soon? :)

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Lauren Meade wrote 3 months ago:

HI, I am so confused how to use a pattern that does not explain what kind of knots are used. I really want to try A61498 but I do not understand how to get the knots you're supposed to do where.

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medooo7 wrote 3 months ago:

Private message.

Maria wrote 3 months ago:

Hallo people, I need to know how to do a BTS bracelets .... thank u :)

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