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greengrl26 wrote 5 months ago:

Oh how I've missed this site and making bracelets! I've been working full time and now I'm working weekends too. And i have an almost 5 year old. By the time I get home, i'm too exhausted to knot! How do ya'll make the time to do bracelets? Just curious (=

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Chloe wrote 5 months ago:

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slovenia wrote 5 months ago:

Hey everyone! I just want to tell you what challenge I have given myself for this summer. Each bracelet that I will made will be consisted of a par of strings more than the previous one. I will start with 10 strings and I am curious when I will stop. I think this is an interesting way to step out of your comfort zone and try something that you have never tried before. If there is anyone who is afraid of making the bracelet with more strings than usual, feel free to accept this chalenge!

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WhyKnot wrote 5 months ago:

How do you end your bracelets? I don't really know how to "close" them so any advices would be appriciated :^)

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Shifa wrote 5 months ago:

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