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slovenia wrote 1 day ago:

Hy everybody! I want to do a bracelet for my sister's boyfriend with wolf on it-pattern A50690. So the wolf will be only on the middle of a bracelet and now I don't know what colour to choose for background. I need your suggestions:is it better to use only black for background,or should I use different colours-I mean 3shades of grey and black for example. Any ideas or photos please? :) have a nice day

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Alex wrote 3 days ago:

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redline wrote 4 days ago:

Bi-Weekly Contest #148 is now posted http://friendship-bracelets.net/forum.php?thread_id=68201 :)

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Cravenscrafts91 wrote 7 days ago:

Hi everybody. Hope everyone has a great day. Xoxo Cravenscrafts91

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dianis wrote 11 days ago:

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