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Jua95p wrote 20 hours ago:

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xDJ_Phoenix_ wrote 22 hours ago:

Hi! I'm new here. I'm doing Naruto themed bracelets, from Village Hidden in the Rain, to the Sand, to the Grass, and more! If anyone here likes Naruto, check me out! (maybe in a few days, patterns are being 'judged').

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Jua95p wrote 1 day ago:

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Adrammaleck wrote 3 days ago:

Super satisfaite de ce site ! Je viens d'essayer le g?n?rateur de mod?le, il m'a permis de cr?er un motif dans des couleurs qui plaisent ? la personne ? qui je vais faire le bracelet :) Je remercie les cr?ateurs du site!!

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Jua95p wrote 5 days ago:

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