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Katka wrote 1 day ago:

Please, do you have somebody tutorial of this bracelet? Thank you very much. http://www.fler.cz/zbozi/modry-gejzir-3888704

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Yvette12900 wrote 2 days ago:

I survived my first month of high school!!!! q:)

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kleinevos wrote 2 days ago:

The new weekly contest #107 is posted !!!! http://friendship-bracelets.net/forum.php?thread_id=63101

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kleinevos wrote 2 days ago:

Private message.

Melissa wrote 3 days ago:

I am looking for a christmas pattern. Could someone either make up a wreath pattern for me or show me how to know what knowts are where cuz I have a ton of designs just don't know how to turn them into patterns. Please and thank you.

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