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chanez wrote 9 hours ago:

I have bought a plushie puppet and i want to add a sticking tongue to it. Can u guys help? R there like any tutorials that make sth that looks like a tongue? So far i found the Zolino tutorial and i tried it but it didn't work :(

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Anita Frith wrote 1 day ago:

I have been looking everywhere for the silk cord that you have got showing on your site. Every other site seems to sell this as more of a cord, whereas your picture shows it being more flat, which is what I want. Where can i purchase this from? Hope to hear from you soon. Warmest wishes Anita

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Blacktulip wrote 2 days ago:

Private message.

t wrote 3 days ago:

Ho w do you make bat man

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kleinevos wrote 3 days ago:

The new weekly contest is posted ! http://friendship-bracelets.net/forum.php?thread_id=63257 Have fun!

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