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Shegorules wrote 5 days ago:

When I print pattern #49386 I can not tell the differance between color A and C is that on my end or is that the colors are really close?

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SweetMeets wrote 5 days ago:

Hi! I keep getting an error message when trying to go to the following link, and it states I should report it right away, so that's what I am doing ... lol http://www.friendship-bracelets.net/alpha_gallery.php?alpha_id=1606

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Thy wrote 10 days ago:

** The new Bi-weekly Contest is up! :) You can find it here: http://friendship-bracelets.net/forum.php?thread_id=64551 And this time there's going to be a prize bracelet! :) Hopefully there will be more than one entry and I don't need to keep it! :D Stay tuned for the picture! **

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Dolphingal wrote 11 days ago:

I am looking at my One Direction poster on my wall and thinking that I want a 1D bracelet. Hmmm, would it be totally weird if I had a 1D bracelet on my arm??? Haha, do I want everyone to know that I have fallen for the most popular boy band ever??? That could mess with my hipster rep. :/

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Arismende wrote 11 days ago:

+++ Hey guys - here's the call-out for the *Daisy flower Spring Swap 2015* - enjoy :) http://friendship-bracelets.net/forum.php?thread_id=64538 +++

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