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kleinevos wrote 10 hours ago:

The new bi-weekly contest is posted: http://friendship-bracelets.net/forum.php?thread_id=70722 Have fun!

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Dottie wrote 1 day ago:

I started pattern #44676 but only gave 8 rows of the pattern so I don't know how to finish it could you send the whole pattren

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kleinevos wrote 2 days ago:

Private message.

AmberB wrote 3 days ago:

Is there a way to change your name without having to sign up for a new account?

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Trae wrote 4 days ago:

I'm interested in buying a couple of Star-Of-David friendship bracelets. I am not crafty and cannot make them but would love to have a couple made and willing to pay for them. Is anyone interested in making them for cash?

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