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Sammoning wrote 1 hour ago:

Hello everyone, the new two weekly contest is posted, here's the link! http://friendship-bracelets.net/forum.php?thread_id=65012

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tyger99 wrote 2 hours ago:

Any one ever save their scrap or leftover threads? I have a vase I put mine in and its looking really pretty...

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Hip wrote 3 days ago:

How do you make a profile picture?

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OniL wrote 4 days ago:

Hi! I was late get information about international swap. Would you please give me information when will the swaps hold? thanks a bunch :)

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greengrl26 wrote 5 days ago:

So when I make an alpha bracelet, lets say im just using one color changing floss the whole way, no letters or anything. Just using backround color to make bracelet (if that makes sense) do I just leave the bracelet in same position while I'm doing that? Because I had someone tell me on instagram that im supposed to flip the bracelet after every row... ive never heard of that before...

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