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Sammoning wrote 3 hours ago:

And... the new Monthly challenge is up now! Check out this link to go to the September challege thread http://friendship-bracelets.net/forum.php?thread_id=62717

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Vincoune wrote 1 day ago:

any Fun 10-12 strings pattern to make?

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Loki_Lo wrote 1 day ago:

SPECIAL THANK YOU MODERATORS !!!! I want to say a huge thank you MODERATORS! you are constantly working with my crazy kumi patterns and in fact, I understand that it's hard! but I'm very grateful to you for this !!! THANK YOU MANY MANY TIMES !!!

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Kandi97 wrote 2 days ago:

Hey I need to make a bracelet for my neighbor but I'm not good at making alpha patterns yet and I was wondering if someone could make me an alpha pattern that says Konvict Tattoos with semi fancy lettering with the letters being black and red??? Please that would help a lot!!

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Riviera wrote 2 days ago:

Does anyone else use Braceletbook as well? I made one recently and while I like parts of it, the site has a totally different vibe.

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