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anny2016 wrote 1 day ago:

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MissionGirl wrote 3 days ago:

Tonight is one of those "I'm not going to bed until this is finished" type of nights. I'm so close to finishing this bracelet!

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Kadee wrote 3 days ago:

I wish you could favorite/save tutorials (the stick doll tutorial for example) instead of searching through them page by page.

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AnRi wrote 3 days ago:

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crafting_sister wrote 5 days ago:

Hi! I'm crafting_sister but crafting_sisters in instagram because there wasn't enough room for the s. I just became a member of this site yesterday and am excited to start bracelet making (or whatever you call it because I'm a loomer and we say looming) because i have only made a couple of bracelets so far! If you have any tips for a new beginner, fell free to tell me! Oh, and I started because of Claires_Hairs but she is Claires_Weras on instagram and is one of the most popular loomers on there! Sorry if i spelled anything wrong, Bye!

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