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wildcattz98 wrote 7 hours ago:

Anybody have any tips for sitting down and focusing on a bracelet for a set amount of time?

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Kitkatja wrote 10 hours ago:

For all you artists, what is an AU? Does it stand for anything? I'm not entirely sure. And also, I've seen a couple times %u265 what is that?

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Miranda_01 wrote 11 hours ago:

hey guys I just started a big alpha bracelet and messed up. instead of doing 1row forward and 1 row backward I did 7 rows forward without the color of the picture any suggestions

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bestbracelets69 wrote 11 hours ago:


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lady_cinni wrote 1 day ago:

need to figure out a way to multi-task, I wanna read, while working on my bracelet, but I haven't figured out how to hold both the book, and my clipboard at the same time.

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