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TLS wrote 14 hours ago:

TLS I'm having little trouble trying to post my breast cancer bracelet picture I've got print shop and shrunk it but I can't transfer it over sorry.

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TLS wrote 15 hours ago:

TLS I can't find any Christmas candle pattern in the Normal pattern is there any pattern for it. I thought that I seen one in the normal pattern so please help me find a pattern for Christmas candles.

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TLS wrote 16 hours ago:

TLS How come there no pattern for the poppy and not the rainbow loom. Like in the friendship bracelets pattern I would make one but I'm not sure how to do one I think there sould be one.

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Arismende wrote 1 day ago:

+++ Hi guys, - the new Weekly Contest is up! - You'll find it here: http://friendship-bracelets.net/forum.php?thread_id=63707#63707 +++ Good luck for it, everybody :)

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racoonsareokay wrote 1 day ago:

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