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Here you can write what you think about the site, or what you think could be better. Or just say hi. Write anything you like, I like getting feedback!

Paola wrote 4 days ago:

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Binneas wrote 6 days ago:

Hola Por qu? no puedo usar el buscador?. Gracias.

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lady_cinni wrote 8 days ago:

going through some of the patterns I had written out over the last year or so, with floss cut and ready to make into bracelets, and I stumbled onto a pattern that, looks like it's been deleted, since I wrote it out to try it out.

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aloockhard wrote 19 days ago:

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talinaburrow wrote 25 days ago:

I am so very excited! I can finally read patterns! I can do and make anything now. Thank you so much for creating this site! Love love love it!

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