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Pattern generator

Welcome to the new interactive bracelet tool called Generator. You can design your own friendship bracelet patterns using this Java program.

Java. The Generator 2.1 needs Java to work. If you cannot see the Generator, you might have to download or update Java.Click here to download Java.

Instructions. Left click on a knot to make a forward knot (earlier D and d). Right-click for a backward-forward knot (earlier R and r). Click again to change knot direction. Click on a top thread to change its color to next, right-click to change to previous. Use the top plus and minus buttons to add or remove threads, and use the lower ones to add or remove rows.

Saving. Click the little "Save" button in the upper right corner and you will be redirected to another page containing a permanent link to your pattern.

Confused? Frosty has made some tutorials about this generator. Take a look at this tutorial if you dont understand how the generator works.

Adjust working area

No Java 2 SDK, Standard Edition v 1.4 support for APPLET!!