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Bracelet lengths by LynB 5 months ago

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Sorry - I am sure someone will have asked this before and I just can't find the thread but from end to end (so including the loops and ties) how long on average do you make your bracelets? I want to make them as universal as possible but always base them on my wrists which as skinny and boney haha!
RE: Bracelet lengths by EdBlair 5 months ago

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A few years ago (has it really been 5 years?) some of the moderators here ran bracelet swaps, where people would make and mail in bracelets, the moderator would swap them around, and mail them back to different participants. In order to have the bracelets reasonably sized for the unknown recipients, they had rules about the minimum bracelet lengths.

Below I have copied the rule from the 2014 Autumn Swap. You can use it as a guideline:

Bracelets must have about 5 inches of knotted area and at least 5 inches of braid, clasp, etc. for tying onto ones wrist. Therefore, it should measure at least 10 inches in total length. If your bracelet(s) do not meet these specifications, I will send them back to you and you will not be participating. Just because they fit your wrist does not mean they will fit others! 5 inches is the smallest wrist size I've heard of, and 9 is the largest. In order for your bracelet to fit anyone else's wrist, it must meet these specifications.
RE: Bracelet lengths by LynB 5 months ago

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Oh thats very useful! Thank you so much for that.