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Trilobite pattern by ujinek 5 months ago

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Hello, I am looking for a pattern with trilobite, I can?t find it anywhere. Would someone be able to create the pattern with trilobite? Or send me a link with this pattern? Please, please, I NEEEEEED it so much! :-) Thanks a lot!
RE: Trilobite pattern by Hex_agon 4 months ago

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Is it too late now? I would be willing to make a trilobite pattern for you! Does it have to be a normal one or alpha?
RE: Trilobite pattern by ujinek 4 months ago

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Hello, it is not too late - it will be great, when you will make it for me! Please, I would like to have both patterns - a normal one and alpha too :-) then I will choose or make both :-) Thank you in advance!