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Jose Cuervo by L0vely0ne87 3 months ago

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I'm hoping to make a two-color basic bracelet with the font (or very similar to) the logo for Jos? Cuervo (tequila). If anyone has suggestions on a similar font or how to go about making it from scratch myself, I would be very grateful! Thank you!
RE: Jose Cuervo by kleinevos (moderator) 3 months ago

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I don?t think we have that font here. We have a few similar fonts : A44160, A44161
You can do a search through our alphabet patterns yourself, we might have one similar to the smaller letters, I mainly searched for the bigger letters :-)
RE: Jose Cuervo by L0vely0ne87 2 months ago

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I appreciate you taking the time to help out! Thanks so much =)