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Stretched out finished bracelet by Zoecainn 3 months ago

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Hey all,

So I'm following a pattern to a T. As it goes on I notice it looks stretched out. When I finish it the design just looks bad.
I kept (well I think I did) the tension the same trying to make tight knots so holes don't appear in the bracelet.
Holes ended up appearing anyway.
What causes this?
I've heard thread type? Cheap thread vs good thread? If that's it what is good thread? What's cheap thread?
But mainly, why is my end result stretched out? I use a clipboard to keep everything secure.
RE: Stretched out finished bracelet by Zoecainn 3 months ago

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Also.... When I'm looking at the bracelet just now, the knots are definitely looser as it goes down the pattern? But I kept tight string and tension? How is this possible?
I'd post a picture but idk how from mobile.
RE: Stretched out finished bracelet by kleinevos (moderator) 3 months ago

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It might be because of the knots used in this particular pattern. Where there a lot of fb- and bf-knots? Have a look at this tutorial . Does it look like the 1212-version of the examples in the tutorial?
In that case it is very hard to make it without gaps, and it will always look a bit stretched out.
You can only try to make the knots really tight, really close together. Pull hard on the first half of the knots and make sure it doesn?t slide back before the second half of the knot is made. It has nothing to do with cheap or less cheap strings. Cheap strings will snap more easily, but the knots will not be different.