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Profile picture by LunarUnicorn121 6 months ago

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Hi it's me Lunarunicron121 or unicorn again. I was wondering what pictures are best(size and if a drawing or photo of someone would be best) and how to convert them to jpg format.(when I do it or says it is not properly formatted).
Thanks in advance,
RE: Profile picture by EdBlair 6 months ago

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On the page where you set your profile picture ("Your Page" -> "Change profile picture") there is a link to the tutorial for resizing pictures, or take this link: (( How to... )) Resizing photos.
Basically you will need to use an image editing program such as Microsoft Paint (other examples are given in the tutorial).
Even if you don't actually resize your image, you can use the "Save As" function of the program and save your image as a JPG.

It looks like whatever image you upload will be displayed in 75x75 pixels in the forums and in 150x150 pixels on your profile page.

For best results, keep your original image square, or else it might get stretched when it is displayed. Use the "clipping" tool of whatever image editing program you are using.
RE: Profile picture by KiddingKido 23 days ago

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You can search online converter in gogle