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Threads to follow patterns by Kyrielle 6 months ago

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I've seen wonderful patterns here, I've been trying to make the pattern of the symbol of anarchy, I'm doing it with waxed thread, it doesn't look like in the pattern I'm thinkin to mix waxed theread with mercerized thread, Will mixing these two threads give a more aesthetic finish to my bracelet? What do you recommend?
RE: Threads to follow patterns by kleinevos (moderator) 6 months ago

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If both strings are the same thickness you can try to mix them, but I don?t think that will make it look better. Without a picture of what you already made I cannot give good advice for improving though. The only thing I know is that the waxed strings are harder to work with for friendship bracelets. I love them for other macrame, but not so much for friendship bracelets. But some people always work with waxed strings, so it is possible :-)