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RE: Designing an aztec bracelet by Chisa 5 months ago

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Okay! I didn't know all that, I will have care when doing the head and the tail. Thank you very much for taking the time to answer, kleinevos :) you help a lot <3

I think I'll use floss, since I'm used to it and I like the results it gives, although a thinner thread would help a lot...

Anyway, I was trying to make the design more balanced (too much detail on the head part indeed) and reducing the knots, and this was coming out:

Then, I decided to try an even thinner design (25 knots wide):

I might end up doing this one, 40 knots is too much after all. I decided to erase the adorn thing that hangs from the nose (they're not even flames haha). Oh but I forgot to 'measure' the longitude, I will check that.
RE: Designing an aztec bracelet by EdBlair 5 months ago

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I really think the light shading along the outside edges of your high resolution designs helps to define the width of the snake's body.

You should consider putting a few light colored pixels along the edges of the body in your 25 knot design. Probably not a continuous line, but enough of a suggestion so that the viewer will mentally connect the dots.

This could also serve to visually break up the tongue from the adjacent body segment. Alternatively you could use a slightly different color for the tongue for the same purpose.
RE: Designing an aztec bracelet by AZClaire (moderator) 5 months ago

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Your design is great ! Can't wait to see your anklet !
If it can help you, I made a bicolor 25 strings alpha bracelet, and it was 3,8cm wide.
RE: Designing an aztec bracelet by Chisa 5 months ago

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Thank you for your responses, EdBlair and AZClaire! :)

EdBlair: I like that, the white border, but I thought that in this much smaller design it would be more of a hindrance than anything. Nice to see your opinion, maybe it's a good idea to keep it. And now that you say it, I does look like the tongue mixes with the body...

Actually, I'm not sure about the colours yet, I do want to keep that blue background, but maybe I will play with other colours, adding red or green... (I believe the original Quetzalcoatl was red/green). I like how it currently looks, but I'm starting to think it looks like the pokemon Gyarados hahaha

AZClaire: that it's more or less the size I was looking for from the beginning :D Sounds great, thank you!

I have no time left now, but I think next time I'll upload some colour variations.
RE: Designing an aztec bracelet by Chisa 5 months ago

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Been a week since I worked on this project, I was really busy with college. Anyway, I did play around with the colours, and fixed some small details of the design too. This is the blue version with the light shading, as EdBlair suggested:

I'm quite satisfied with this, but I definitely wanted to try colouring it, so I had some fun:

I looked at some coloured references for inspiration. I like them but I'm not convinced.

This time I'll be going with the blue one I just posted. I won't be doing any more changes for the moment. I really had fun with all the designing part, but I think it might be time to start with the physical bracelet already, maybe making a practice piece first, like just the head or something. I'll post some photos of the progress too :)
RE: Designing an aztec bracelet by Chisa 4 months ago

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Hi again! :)
I did a small part with scraps from older projects. I didn't have enough blue thread so I made just the head, which I think is the hardest part.

After I finished the third row, I understood how complicated the design actually is, changing threads all the time hahaha
I'm happy with the size and the general result, although I need to polish my technique. Also, I'm still thinking about changing the tongue to some red :/

Something else I also realised, is how I'm going to place the white thread on the back. Since I don't want it jumping from side to side to meet all the white knots (which can make the knots look a bit messy), I'm going to place several white threads, which will follow along the snake body:

It's just a rough sketch of the white threads on the back.

I've already bought the materials, just have to begin working on it (I'm a little hesitant about the closure though).
RE: Designing an aztec bracelet by kleinevos (moderator) 4 months ago

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It?s looking great so far! And I think it?s a good idea to use more than one white thread. This is a complicated pattern and it?ll help to keep the back a bit neater :-)
RE: Designing an aztec bracelet by Chisa 4 months ago

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Thank you very much kleinevos! :)
RE: Designing an aztec bracelet by Chisa 2 months ago

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Hi guys! So It's been a long time since I last posted. I left the matter for a while, just coming back to it occasionally. I did study the longitude it had to have and realised it was a bit short, so I stretched the design and the rest will be added rows at the end.

Anyway, I finally started the final version a couple days ago. I have like a 1/3 of it, so I thought it would be nice to post some pics.

I did some small changes and I like it so much more now. The head, the tongue... It also looks neater, but I think I'm knotting too tight since it's coming rigid. I have to maintain that tension till the end though, or it won't look good.

On the other side, it's coming a bit thinner than the practice piece, which was preferable (the thread I'm using now is slightly thinner too). I will post more pics when it's finished.
RE: Designing an aztec bracelet by Stefanie7 (moderator) 2 months ago

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It looks great, I love it!