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Idea For Another Generator by janeyy 30 days ago

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Hi! I love bracelet making and customizing my own colors, so I thought it would be cool if this site had a separate pattern generator. Instead of creating your own pattern, you can customize colors of existing pattern so you won't have a hard time imagining what your bracelet would look like. You can save it as an image that only you would see, so it doesn't cram the space with other patterns :) Just a suggestion !!
RE: Idea For Another Generator by kleinevos (moderator) 29 days ago

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Have a look here. You can?t save the image, but you can save it as a screenshot for your own use.
RE: Idea For Another Generator by frenchie63 28 days ago

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OMG this is amazing! I didn't know this option existed, I'm lucky I've checked this forum thread! I will save a lot of time for my next bracelets :)
Thank you Kleinevos!!