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Kumihimo: Flat braids by Heiketjie 1 year ago

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Deal all, how and where can I find or create flat Kumihimo braids? Thanks a lot for your help! Heike
RE: Kumihimo: Flat braids by kleinevos (moderator) 1 year ago

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We have a tutorial here .
We do not have a generator for flat braids.
RE: Kumihimo: Flat braids by jockae 4 months ago

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It's not an easy quest, but I'd recommend you to start looking online for specialised books, websites, videos and other links, such as [ http://www.kumihimocompanion.com/showallbooks.php ] and [ http://www.kumihimocompanion.com/kumilinks.php ]. If you want to get inspired by a more modernistic influence, I'd suggest the YT channel "TEWAZA" and the IG profile @yinterestingbraids ? lots of eye-candy in there.