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Changing Pattern Colors by iveg0tfangz 12 days ago

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When I don't like the colors a pattern is generated in, I take the pattern into PSP9 and use the color changing tool to change the colors in bulk! I used to go into paint and fill them in one by one, my gosh.

The way I do my bracelets:
- Plain clipboard.
- I don't loop my strings, I cut them separately and tie them at the top, leaving plenty of room to braid the end.
- Separate the strings (make them flat, I guess) after you tie it. This is much easier for big bracelets, to me at least.
- Put the top where the strings are tied under the clip. Nice and strong to hold everything in place!
- I use a tablet to keep track of the pattern in an app called "Sketch", so as I go through the pattern I can put a line through the row so I don't get lost or mess up.
- If I don't like the colors that a pattern is generated in, I take the image, convert it to a PNG from GIF, and use Colour Lovers or Color Hunt for my palettes.
- I use Paint Shop Pro 9 (Old, but I know my way around it and it's an easy program to use) to change the colors. I wouldn't be able to keep track of the changed colors if I didn't do this.

I just wanted to let anyone who has trouble with big patterns and starting it out that clipboards are a wonderful tool, and if you want a simple way to change the colors of the pattern! I find it easier to twist patterns when it's on a computer/tablet screen than a piece of paper. To each his own, though!