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Knots are too long for alpha bracelets by beabeabea 1 year ago

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Hi everyone! I've been trying lately to make alpha bracelets, but it seems the shape of each individual knot I make is too long. This makes the pattern distorted (i tried making a solar system pattern, my planets came out oblong instead of round T___T)
How do I fix this? I tried making tighter, more square knots and it helped some but they still seem to be too long. FYI I use crochet cotton to make bracelets. Thank you in advance!
RE: Knots are too long for alpha bracelets by kleinevos (moderator) 1 year ago

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It is mainly a matter of practicing a lot. Alphas are tricky at first!
Some knots need to be pretty tight, others less tight. That depends on the color-distribution, meaning that you need to knot tighter where more color-changes are.
It also helps to push your rows up now and then, in case your knots look like they stretched a bit vertically.